Best places to Visit in Samoa

The best destinations in Samoa

They don't have to swim too far to see turtles and colorful fish. A destination if you want to relax in the bungalows by the sea or enjoy the activities on the island of Upolu. More of the top summer destinations in the United States are here.

Seventeen epic places you never thought of traveling, but they should be

But 2017 is a good season to escape your balloon and try it in a place you've never visited before. These 17 places, in no particular order, are the place where this magical event will take place this year. They all have the dream of becoming the best journey you've ever made.

Korea is full of adventure like nationalparks, hills and isles. To create an urbane ambience, try the traditional Seoul BBQ or relax in Busan, a seaside town. The Seoraksan Nationalpark is the third highest peak of South Korea. Local holidays on Jeju Island for its beautiful beach, open-air spa and caves.

The Changdeokgung Palace, a fifteenth c. regal mansion in Seoul, is a UNESCO site. Situated in the Indian Ocean, this minute Indian Ocean islands provide a subtle atmosphere and never-ending water, ideal for sport such as windsurfing and Kitesurf. The Morne Brabant is a breathtaking UNESCO cultural site that is "an extraordinary witness to the opposition to slavery".

There' s a mall upstairs in the capitol of Port Louis. Borat is not the only place in the 9th most populous nation in the world: lovers of architectural sightseeing, guided sightseeing and wildlife exploration will find themselves at home in this little-explored area. Departure from Almaty, the main town, for apparel stores and high-class dining.

One of the reasons Astana was described as the "strangest capitol in the world" was that it hardly even existed 20 years ago. The CNN reported that the area was "an empty piece of ground.... best known as a former guulag detention centre for the spouses of the Soviets' traitors" before being proclaimed the new capitol in 1997, triggering the rapid ascent of a futurist cityscape.

Almaty's Cathedral of the Ascension was built between 1904 and 1907 without the use of pins and is one of the few remaining monuments in the town that survived an 1911 quake. Tian Shan Mountains in the west extend as far as China and are on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of their diversity of species. Aktau, a centre of the petroleum sector, lies on the Caspian Sea and is a favourite seaside resort for its people.

Situated under the reign of many old kingdoms, this luxuriant Mediterranean isle shows itself: Trips here may involve visiting a Hellenistic cloister, a religious temple or the graves of high-ranking Hellenistic and Latin civil servants who are part of a major UNESCO cultural heritages. Oh, and did we tell you about the islands ideal beach?

Kyrenia is a harbour where you can take a boating trip to bathing and snorkelling areas or visit a fortress for a bird's perspective of the harbour. Limassol, Cyprus's second largest and still a picturesque place, has a vibrant nightlife with bars and restaurants. Do you know that Latvia has sandy and whitewashed shores?

Riga, the capitol, was designated European Cultural Heritage in 2014, and about half of the land is made up of unspoilt, easily accessed native eco-systems. On Riga Townhall Place stands the iconical House of the Blackheads, erected in 1334, demolished during the Second World War and reconstructed in 1999.

The name-giving nature reserve is home to more than 500 historic and architectural landmarks. The Kemeri Nationalpark offers a multitude of wet areas, among them the Great Kemeri Moor, which can be crossed by a beach promenade. At the top is a photograph of Bartolome Island in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. Charles Darwin's evolutionary science was influenced by the endemics of this vulcanic island and both the country and the ocean are UNESCO World Heritage properties.

Cuenca' s historical centre is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. It still adheres to the strict design rules with which it was established in 1557. Not to be mistaken for its just as great neighbour American Samoa, this isolated country comprises 10 volcanic isles, falls, rainforest, bathing pits and sandy shores.

Follow Cross Island Road for more waterfalls, bathing pools and pick nick areas. There are a number of beach resorts and eco-lodges on Upolu Island to maximise your stay on the hot golden sands. While Uruguay doesn't get as much publicity as its neighbours Argentina and Brazil, this shiny, advanced Atlantic paradise has a touch of Europe and is definitely a worthwhile place to visit.

Punta del Este is known as a place to celebrate, but even popular arts deserve a name. In the oldest deserts of the word, first-time visitor to Africa should feel the excitement of being the last visitor in the underworld. Namibia is not overcrowded in view of its large variety of wild animals, natural reserves, wrecks and bigger than life-sized sandy beaches.

Drinking Zebra at a water hole in Etosha National Reserve offering various types of liveaboard safari. Luderitz, a seaport built in Germany, has an old Protestant temple and lively rural-stores. Namibia's southernmost wildlife preserve is known as Giant's Playground.

Offroaders are sitting around to discover the solid sanddunes of the deserts, which are also suitable for a bold walk of the year. The Tikal National Park is a luxuriant play area with playgrounds, sanctuaries and apartments well over 1,000 years old. Despite all these miracles of nature, a historical hotelmuseum is at the top of the national sights.

The Mayas lived in what is now Tikal National Park from the sixth to the tenth centuries BC. The Parque Central is a favourite open-air meeting place in Antigua, a town in the uplands. US State Department warns that an organised trip via a tourist agent is the best way to discover this amazingly varied and virtually pristine area.

The province of New Ireland is characterised by sandy and uninterrupted water. Captain Port Moresby is pretty out of the blue, although his criminal record requires reasonable caution. Everypring icebergs from the Arctic come to places like Trinity Bay, above. The Gros Morne National Park, which contains cooling freshwater jellyfishes as well as high fiords that can be explored by water.

Black Church with its inside wall decorated with Turkic rugs is the celebrity of Brasov, a famous mediaeval city at the feet of the Carpathians. Bucharest, Romania's capitol, is known for its high level of energetic ism and good cuisine. Socialistic and Art Nouveau architectural styles co-exist here, and the night life is among the best in Eastern Europe.

Breathtaking falls, rising hills and bright verdant paddy paddies are best experienced in the very slowly living conditions of the people of Laos. There is a paraglider flying over Vang Vieng, a jungles city and a backpacking city. The Buddha Parc in Vientiane is probably the most beautiful statue garden you have ever seen.

"The best way to describe this Iran-Russia shore state is untapped." Departure from the city of Baku, whose old town has been declared a UNESCO Cultural and Natural History Site. Alumni of the Peace Corps have established a community of host families to help the visitor experience the suburbs of the countryside where cobbled streets are in short supply but the countryside is overcrowded.

Piran is a "shining pearl" on the Adriatic. It is a beachfront amusement park with bays of all sizes and types, with a total of 115 islets. Thankfully there are both privately owned mansions on the isle and informal B&Bs where you can spend the night. Anse Source D'Argent is often hailed as one of the most stunning sandy spots in the whole wide area.

Beau Vallon's beautiful sandy beach is one of the most visited in the Seychelles, but still very reserved. Besides the common hidden shores, the wooded inner part of the isle is a hiking area.

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