Tuamotu Atolls

The Tuamotu Atoll

Surfing in Tuamotu. Tuamotu perfection. Surfing in Tuamotu. Tuamotu perfection. thierry domenech.

thierry domenech. thierry domenech. The geology and marine biology of Makatea, an upplifted atoll, Tuamotu archipelago. This secluded coral atoll is surrounded by one of the richest natural aquariums in the world. In contrast to the "high islands" Tahiti or Moorea, the Tuamotu atolls are flat, framed with white sand and shaded by coconut palms.

Is the Tuamotu atolls for us and if so, which? - Rankiroa News Board

Is the Tuamotu atolls for us and if so, which? It is possible to take a kayak to go snorkelling in other places, you can also go by bike, the town is very nice and the locals are very nice, a kind of bigger Tikehau. At Rangiroa we like Tevahine Dream, our favourite place.

Tevahine (who has and operates Tevahine with his wife) will take you to where you want to go around Rangiroa, there are also canoes you can use, and angling is okay, although obviously it will not be ocean angling from the water. It' a small guesthouse, with 5 3 bungalow on the seashore and 2 gardens.

They' re also one of a kind bungalow he built, just like Ninamu. We' re ending our visit to Havaiki. On Rangiroa there is more to discover during the days, just because it is a little bigger than Tikehau. The Fakarave lies between Tikehau and Rangiroa.

TIkehau is that you can go alone to many different motos, either by canoe or even on foot (through the HOA's/channels) and really be on your own little isle for a whole days if you want. Tevahine's dinner is great, but it really is in Havaiki Pearl.

Havaiki has AC which can be beautiful when it's warm. In Tevahine, the food is at a familiar dinner and at a large group. Breakfast was really great there. Northbert is a great welcoming and you will always be a part of his home during your sojourn.

It is also a bead ranch and at the end of your visit they will take you on a trip (if you want) to get some beads and then they will do a bead raffle. And I also liked Ninamu and the River pearl (on Tikehau). Snorkelling off Ninamu was great for us, many dark spots and stingrays.

The meal was good and all dishes were inclusive, although the servings were smaller than in Tevahine or Havaiki. We used to love the overwater suites when we were there. I don't think you can defeat the atolls for loneliness, they are also a different, much different feeling from the isles.

But we also do most of our diving in atolls. The Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, Tahaa are beautiful isles. Hua huahine and tahaa will probably be less of a tourist destination than Moorea or Bora Bora. After all, if you have never remained overseas before, it is a marvellous experiment, which I am very happy that we decided at the beginning.

We' ve just gone to the atolls and guesthouses we like, mainly because we want to return every year and this modification allows us to do this, plus go scuba and make our other excursions throughout the year. Just like at Kia Ora in Rangiroa (where we were before) we like smaller, much smaller ones.

Polynesia is really beautiful and a great option.

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