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Samoans are a branch of the Polynesian people (see Polynesia). Polynesian-French shipping industry, as exclusive agent in Tahiti. I' d post this on the American Samoa forum, but it doesn't seem half as alive in here. Purchase new and used books online with free shipping. Textbook about the history of American Samoa.

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United States Samoa, non-incorporated area of the United States, made up of a group of seven South Pacific Isles, made up of Tutuila, on which there is a US marine base; the Manua group, made up of Tau, Olosega and Ofu; Aunuu, Rose Island and Swains Island. Private property of Swains Island and Rose Island are an atoll of corals; the other archipelagoes are mountains and volcano.

Tutuila, the biggest of the group, has an area of 143 sqkm. In Tutuila, Pago Pago (1990 inhabitants, 3,519) is the administrative centre of American Samoa and has one of the most beautiful ports in the South Pacific. American Samoa's area is 200 square kilometers; in 2000 the country's inhabitants were put at 65,446 square kilometers.

Samoans are a part of the Polynesian population. The Polynesian is one of the oldest languages in the world. The most Samoans also speaks English. Most Samoans are Christians; although some of the customs of their traditionally animist religion can still be followed, these traditionally religious beliefs have practically vanished.

Siamoanism is organised around the large familys or aigus, which is led by a tribe-chieftain. It is forbidden for foreign nationals, Americans included, under applicable law to buy property belonging to the Samoans. Several Samoans emigrated to Hawaii and the United States. However, the US Congress will continue to be the main source of subsidies and funding for the US industry.

American Samoa has scheduled shipping service to the continental United States, Fiji, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Pago Pago International is an important station for trans-Pacific flight. They are managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior. Samoan citizens are U.S., and their charter contains most of the U.S. Bill of Rights warranties.

Legitimacy lies with the Samoan government, or Fono, which is made up of a government and a Chamber of Deputies. It has 18 members, chosen according to Samoan tradition by the Samoan chieftains, and the people elect 20 members. Each of the eight island are subdivided into three quarters, each with a Samoan gov.

of the Samoan judiciary. The Minister of the interior nominates the Supreme Judge and an assessor, who is supported by four Samoan assessor judges. a. The Samoa Island was the indigenous home of the Polynesian breed from which the settlers inhabited the other Polynesian Pacific isles. However, anthropologists assume that two distinct groups of immigrant populations inhabited the island, with the first group probably coming from Southeast Asia.

Subsequent migrations replaced the Samoans, who then began to colonise the more eastern Polynesian isles. In 1722, the first Europeans to visited the island were Jacob Roggeveen, a Flemish sailor. The Navigators of Iceland was the name Louis Antoine de Bougainville, a famous discoverer from France, in 1768. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Germany, Great Britain and the United States set up trading post on the island.

1878 the United States annexes Pago Pago for use as a marine coal mining plant. This issue was regulated by the Berlin law of 1889, which declared the island's autonomy and impartiality and guaranteed the locals full freedom in choosing their sovereign. The United States and Great Britain entered into an agreement against Germany in 1899, and Apia, the location of the Nazi base, was fired upon by English and American warships.

Under the contract Germany was given the western part of the 171°C western part of the island, which finally became the independant Samoa state. US supremacy over the eastern part of the island of meridion was recognised and Britain was compensated by the Solomon and Tonga isles. Tutuila and Aunuuuu handed these territories over to the United States in 1900, and the Manua group was relinquished in 1904.

Swain' s Island was annihilated by the United States in 1925 and added to American Samoa. They were managed by the U.S. Navy until 1951, when they were assigned to the U.S. Department of the Interior. In 1960 the Samoans adopted a regional charter and in 1967 a revamped one.

The National Park of American Samoa was set up here in 1988 on 3,600 ha of Samoan lands sponsored by Samoan family. The Taifun Val in December 1991 inflicted 80 million dollars of damages in American Samoa. http://encarta.msn. com © 1997-2000 Microsoft Corporation.

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