Yesterday with a group of Syrian refugees called to Foxford Woollen Mills and, oh my God, they did not roll out the red carpet there. The Foxford Woollen Mills Visitor Centre, in County Mayo, is the place where masters meet modern Irish design. Catherine Joyce, Librarian Main Street, Foxford, Co. Buy flowers for Foxford today! Toomore, Foxford.

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Béal Easa (Irish for "mouth of the waterfall") is a town 16 km from Ballina in County Mayo, Ireland. Located on the Swinford-Ballina main line from Swinford to Ballina, it has a train terminal serviced by a train service between Manulla Junction and Ballina. Situated on the river Moy, a rivulet for trout fish, near Loughs Conn and Cullin and between the mountains Nephin and Ox.

In 1892 Agnes Bernard established a monastery and in 1892 he established a water-powered wool mill[3] Foxford wool mills produced Foxford coves. The Foxford train is on the Manulla Junction to Ballina line, which links with Westport Dublin Heuston.

The Argentine naval secretary Admiral William Brown (1777-1857), who was the founding father of the Argentine Navy, protagonist of the Argentine War of Independence and Buenos Aires defense in the Cisplatine War, was borne in Foxford. Bust of Admiral Brown were also built in Foxford and Dublin. F. R. Higgins (1896-1941), Foxford's author and playwright, was a native of Foxford.

Foxford, Co. The Mayo in the West of Ireland

Located on the Moy River, the scenic Foxford has earned an outstanding name as a touristic city. Nestled between the Ox and Nephin hills, Foxford is the perfect place for a relaxed, stress-free change from everyday work. Foxford blankets heat is complemented by the heat of those who are always willing to welcome a guest in their own middle.

The Foxford has much to offer to amuse its guests with outside pursuits, tourist center, angling and hiking. Foxford Way is an 86km signposted path that surrounds the city of Foxford and includes the Ox Mountains, Brain Mountains, bogs, archaeological places, lakeshore and canyons. Foxford Wandering Club leads regular Sunday afternoons to the Bealach' paths and traces.

The Foxford is a favourite spot for angling with the Moy River, which offers great opportunities for angling for salmon. Near Loughs Conn and Cullin there are brook trouts. More information about angling in the area can be found on the Foxford and Foxford fishery page.

During the Argentina-Brazil war, William Brown was the defence counsel of Buenos Aires and symbolized the fame of the Argentine navy. From the middle of the 1980s, a reproduction of his saber has been carried by admirals of the Argentine navy. There is a monument to the great admiral William Brown standing at Foxford, reminiscent of the life of a great man generally known as the "father of the Argentine navy".

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