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Visits & Experiences at Kadavu Island Village. The Vunisei Village is the nearest village east of Naivakarauniniu. This is Kadavu Island, Kadavu Archipelago image: Fotogallery > Navuatu Village ~ Kadavu Island. Suggest telephone, telephone number - suggest address, address whether the village communities and the island of Kadavu as a whole have experienced an improvement or stagnation.

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The province of Kadavu is one of fourteen Fiji constituencies and is part of the Eastern Division, which also comprises the Lau, Lomaiviti and Rotuma states. The Kadavu also belong to the Burebasaga Confederacy, a hierarchical group of chieftains from the south and west of Fiji with Roko Tui Dreketi of Rewa as the highest of them.

There are Kadavu Island, Ono Island, Galoa Island, Dravuni Island, Matanuku Island, Buliya Island, Nagigia Island and some other islets. The Kadavu has a surface area of 478 km2, with a resident area of 10,897 in the last 2017 survey, making it the province with the largest population[1].

It is split into nine counties, each with its own capital and mainly towns. Every high chieftain is a member of the Kadavu Provincial Council. There' re 75 towns in Kadavu County. Kadavu languages are almost as many as the kadavu but with small differences between the two.

Kadavu is nearer to the Rewa in Ono and then nearer to the Beqa, Serua and Vatulele dilects on the principal isle. The Kadavu and Ba are more similar to Nadroga when moving to the southwest of the isle. It is also home to the second biggest live organisms on Earth, the Great Astrolabe Reef, which is located along the southside of the archipelago and extends from the north of the archipelago, Ono to the southerly tip of Kadavu Archipelago, Muanasika Point near the village of Nasau.

There are two light houses around this reef: the Solo Light House at Ono and the Washington Lighthouse at Nagigia Isl. Vunisea has no city on the isle, but all the administrative centres in Vunisea have a grammar and grammar schools, a basic education centre, a policing centre, a medical centre, an airfield and at least five hypermarkets.

Kanalaini Baravilala - First female Fidjan to perform for the IRB USA Women's 7's Teams and also to represent the USA in Rio 2016. The first Fijan and first Pacific islander to lead Fiji's most seasoned referees and rounds of fiji's sevenfights. Josepha Lilidamu â?" Portuguese footballer â?" Japan. Josateki Nawalowalo Ratu â?" was a former head, business man and former president of the Kadavu Provincial Council.

Lesianawai Leone â?" First from Fiji in a television show, "Adventures of the Seaspray". "Fiji's most renowned police officer with the Fiji "bui ni ga" Leone Nakarawa â?" part of the first Olympian gold - hoisting a seven-man in RÃio 2016, Europe's unloader king in 15s rugby. The Manu Korovulavula - First Fathers and Sons in Fiji and the Pacific who are fighting a joint battle in a single outpost.

Fiji politician and official. She was awarded a Sylff Scholarship and was named UNICEF Representative for the Pacific Island States. atu Noa Nawalowalo - First Fijian-born lawyer to complete his studies at Victoria University and first New Zealand lawyer to establish a New Zealand office.

eratu Josateki Nawalowalo - was a Kadavu Provincial Councilor, Fiji boss, business man and chairman. Valetini - First young boy from Fiji to join a brumbies football league at the eighteen. Suva 15er Trainer & actual Assistanztrainer of Gareth Baber - Fiji 7er Teams.

Dr. Sitiveni Ratuva - Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and Head of the MacMillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Uluireva â?" First Uluirewa to earn a doctorate in music. The first Filipino actor in an internacional TV-show.

Fiji's missing rich. Nakelevuki Zireli - First Fijian and first Pacific Islander to join a rugby team. Sofer, Michael (2009) Twenty years of change in the Fijian periphery: Kadavu Island Case, Fiji, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, vol. 30, pp. 343-357.

Sofer, Michael (2015) Island Kadavu: Adjustment and stagnation in the Fiji peripheries, Miscellanea Geographica: Regional Studies on Development, vol. 19(2), pp. 14-20.

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