Melanesia Art and Encounter

Art and Encounter in Melanesia

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Melanesia's museums and cultural centres: a range of experimentation

Seminars presented by Lissant Bolton from the British Museum in London. The document deals with the historical and important role of museum and culture centers in Melanesia, in the West Pacific. The Melanesia area is a land of enormous language and culture complex, partly inhabited for more than 55,000 years but colonized only since about 1840.

In the course of the 20th centuries, the city was home to a number of important institutions and culture centers, which came into their own in 1975, when several Melanese countries gained their independence. When it comes to the preservation of exhibits in a museum, they have a larger field of activity in Melanesia. It has become a set of experimentation to appeal to, evaluate and evolve its own patrimony of culture.

It will present the histories of these institutions and some of these experiences with the shape of the institution. Speaker's biographic note: Lissant Bolton is head of the Department for Africa, Oceania and America at the British Múzeum. Vanuatu, where she has been working with the Vanuatu Cultural Centre for many years, is the focus of her research, but she has a wide interest in the Pacific area, the roles of art and the importance of art.

Enccacting Women's Kastom in Vanuatu (2003), the co-author of Art in Oceania: and the co-editor Melanesia: Arts and Encounters (2013).

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