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Weltwahlzeitplan - Woman and the Voting

Though a number of other areas granted the right to elect pre-1893 New Zealand can rightly assert to be the first nation to do so. From 1838, Bounty mutineers' females were able to choose on the island of Pitcairn and on the island of Norfolk, after settling there in 1856.

In 1881, the Isle of Man, an autonomous, dependant area of the Crown, transferred the right to ownership. From 1893, from 1893, women in the Cook Islands, at that time a UK patronage, were able to take part in the island council election and in a German parliamentary election. It was passed a few day after New Zealand's electoral code, but the Cook Island wives first came to the election on 14 October.

Until 1893, a fistful of US territory and states had exempted (European) women: the territory of Wyoming in 1869 (confirmed by permission to state in 1890), the territory of Utah in 1870 (repealed by the United States Congress in 1887, re-established by permission to state in 1896), the territory of Washington in 1883 (declared by the Supreme Court in 1887), the territory of Montana in 1887 and the State of Colorado in December 1870.

Southeast Australian wives were released in 1894, western Australia in 1899, and the Australian Commonwealth administration followed in 1902 (with the exception of the Aborigine wives). Mr President, it is very hard to determine when in a particular Member State a woman was given the right to vote. 3. These chronologies, which can only be a provisional listing, were drawn up by consultation with several resources, some of which provided contradictory information: the data provided may have been for the year in which the right to poll was given or the first occasion that a woman actually elected; although the right to elect was restricted to a certain group of females, this was not always established.

NJ (US) - Obsessed wives chose in the 1787 election after having had the right since 1776; they were losing the right to vote when general male electoral law was enacted. The data are compiled by C. Daley and M. Nolan (ed.), and in addition: internationale feministische Perspektiven, Auckland University Press, Auckland, 1994. Also see IWMS milestones.

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