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Isle in the sun can refer to: Isle in the Sun Text: Explore Sub-Sub-Sub-Island on Victoria Island in Nunavut: Do you want to learn the difference between Auks and penguins? Archipelago and Islands subprogramme covers the islands and island parts of the coastal communities in the programme area. Have a look at Kacey Musgrave's Join Weezer on Breezy'Island in the Sun'.

On Wednesday evening, Kacey Musgraves accompanied Weezer at the Ascend Amphitheatre in Nashville for an accoustic interpretation of the classical play "Island in the Sun". The Musgraves added harmonic singing and led on the second stanza of the track, which later made Weezer tweet as "the proper Nashville rendition" of their Green Album-Hits.

"It puts people's fingers in the air and smiles on their faces," Musgraves once said to Cosmopolitan-Magazin about the 2001 track, which she frequently covert in her own music. Weezer's Nashville Stop was part of the band's extended summers concert with Panic! at the disco. And Musgraves enjoyed some down time at home in Nashville before resuming her trip to Nashville at the end of this weeks.

Musgraves has also recently started working on a Christmas album in the recording studios, which is scheduled for release this year. Recently Musgraves have sung for "Hands", a singles that honors the sacrifices of the June crowd shootings at a night club in Orlando.

Sub-Sub Sub-Island on Victoria Island - Nunavut

Situated directly between Nunavut and the Northwest Territories of Canada, Victoria Island has set some record under its name. It' the 8th biggest island in the whole wide globe - bigger than Great Britain - and the second biggest island in Canada. Writer, computer expert and trivialist Ken Jennings is world-renowned for the longest winning run in the Jeopardy! show's story, a 74-game run in which he won $2,520,700.

Surprisingly, a third-order island is not in itself one-of-a-kind; a third-order island, for example, is also located in the volcanic island of Taal in the Philippines. However, at four hectares, Canada's third order island is much bigger than the Philippines and perhaps the biggest in the whole wide globe.

It' s quite possible that this little island has never been seen before. Its closest civilian population lives in Cambridge Bay, 90 leagues from this island of isolation, and no streets come near. Rent a chopper and you could be the first individual to step onto this submarine island.

But it is also possible that this island is not the biggest third order island in the atlantic. Victoria Island and almost half of Canada are dotted with minute, spotted seas. That means that there is probably another - perhaps bigger - third order island in another part of Canada.

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