Island in French

Isle in French

Discuss forums island, look at its composite forms, examples and ask your questions. The official Collins English-French dictionary online. Islands of Society (Îles de la Société). Accessible off the coast of La Rochelle, this island is a traditional favourite of the French upper crust for its fairytale villages and poetic landscapes - with its upscale hotels, boutiques, galleries and restaurants. The French island, located in the centre of the western harbour, is considered the jewel in the crown of the Mornington Peninsula and the Western Port Biosphere Reserve.

The cheapest place in Polynesia? - Paris-French Polynesia Message Board

The cheapest place in Polynesia? Briefly, my view on this topic is that your man has it backwards - FAR Polynesia is more fun than Hawaii (which is also quite nice), but is much more relaxed and has less to do (though for a brief holiday, no question enough for most people) with almost NO night life.

Remember that FP FAR's islets are smaller than any of the major Hawaiian islets. The FP is also (generally) much more pricey than Hawaii - although there are many unusual places in Hawaii that cost you as much as the FP Principal Safe - the point is that it's easier to find cheap accommodation in Hawaii.

As Hawaii has not many sheltered reefs, but many open shores, it is better for "big wave" activities such as windsurfing, but not nearly as good for "calm waters" as snorkelling, nor does it have the lovely lakes and mtus ( islets) that make the South Pacific look so much more picturesque.

One of the articles in the section above goes into much more detail, but in general, those are the distinctions between Hawaii & FP. Have a look at my earlier contributions to see a series of hypertext articles on some of them - in particular one I just sent "to the top" ("ttt" of the stack) named "Island Advice".

The best of both: Penguin, glamour and tranquillity in French and Phillip Island | Travel

But Melbourne seems to be far away from the kind of slow hoppings that one associates with the Grecian islands or Whitsundays. I' m here too far away, so isolated, so little known that even the world's greatest Popstar could fall into oblivion here.

That' s exactly what Kylie Minogue did in the mid-1980s when she went to the Isle of Victoria in France to recover during the course of treating breastcancer. It was Minogue and her then admirer, Olivier Martinez, who lived in a provincial house behind brick wall on one of the few mounds on the isle.

From time to time she dared to buy in the French Iceland General Store - the only store on the Isle - dairy products. The French isle has only 116 inhabitants and about 20x as many koala. I am on the last boat of the morning leaving Stony Point on the continental Victoria coast, along with about a fifth of the island's (human) people.

Grown-ups drive home in grocery store cold packs while the kids chat in excitement as they come back from their week-long "socialization day" at a elementary onshore. I get off the shaky catwalk fifteen mins later, and I might as well have got out of a flight of three.

Apart from the sea water that licks the quay and the soft buzzing of the line, there is a silence here that can only be found in places with unpaved streets and very few vehicles - most tourists discover the relatively shallow area of the islands by bicycle. Nearly two third of the 170 square kilometres of the French Isles are covered by the French Riviera Nature Reserve.

Getting a vehicle on the Isle is an expensely tortured experience, so my hosting company, French Iceland Glamping, organize a shuttle for the city. I drive for breakfasts to the former Minogue pits stop, the French Iceland General Shop. It is the old wood shop, opposite a corral with well lined cow and alpaca, which is the centre of the municipality and during the period when I am taking my balls and my coffees, I met the postman, the residing kala desk and the director of the award-winning French vineyards (just give me a call if you want to organise a quaraffing session).

From the indigenous Bunurong people, whose midst is peppered by the 144 km long coast, to the early Europeans who cultivate and roast choicory in still stationary ovens, the travel book tells the story of the 6,000-year-old population. As a hardcore city dweller who loves to make the most of her Saturdays, I sense the attraction of Phillip lsland.

Well-known for its racetrack and nocturnal penguins procession, this favourite resort is only 15 minutes away by boat, and although it is about half the physical area of its off-grid neighbor, more than 10,000 people (including the Hemsworth clan) live here. Nevertheless, the arrival from the boat to the Phillip Island village of Cowes with its cobbled streets and hanging baskets and snack bars and ice cream parlours as well as vacation houses and zoos and Crazy Golf is a shocking experience for the French island-adapted system.

PHILIP lsland is also linked to the Victoria highlands by a viaduct and is much more in temper. This former B&B has only eight stylish rooms, each with broad alcoves with views of the surf centre of Smith Bay on the island's jagged south shore. I am tried to get back into my room, but there is an entire archipelago to discover, so I put on my walking boots and go for a Cape Woolamai stroll.

This 8km long circular route along the Woolamai windsurfing beaches and the bushy rocks of the highest and southernmost point of Phillip is the place where half a million sheep nests between October and April. Next day I register for a different kind of bird's perspective of the isle. From $85 8-minute excursions around Cape Woolamai to $42-minute tours around the whole Isle and the wine-affected Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Iceland Helicopters provides a variety of sightseeing tours.

We' ll follow a sandy shore traversed by rocks and caverns, turn a panorama view point to the French Isle, Churchill Iceland and the continent and float over bays with colorful fishermen' s vessels and shoals of stingrays scurrying through the canals. Cape Kitchen, on the rockside in Newhaven, is considered the best place to eat on the Isle.

This means that Phillip Island - home vacation spot, foody harbour, motor sport marvelland, surfer heaven and animal kingdom capitol - is on the threshold of a "health retreat". If all this is too much, the secluded sobriety of the French island is only 15 min and a whole wide open area.

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