Map showing Fiji

City of Fiji Map

Palms over a white beach on a plantation island, Fiji, South Pacific. Maps with the locations and number of individuals on the Fiji Islands, where the populations of P. margaritifera were studied. This is a map with our itinerary around Fiji. See how far it is from Fiji to Wellington, New Zealand on a map.


Map, Fiji | Library of Congress

Fiji. "Shaded reliefs. Lomaiviti and Moala Archipelago Geology: an excerpt from Viti Levu page 21 and Lomaiviti pages 1 to 4 / by F.I.E. Coulson.

"One-fifty thousand set, Vanua Levu hand--

Vanua Levu Geology: an excerpt of Vanua Levu leaves 4, 5 & 10 / by W.H. Hindle. Hindle, V. H. Fiji 1:50,000: Kandavu Group. "Embossed by outlines. "Geological information on this leaf and the leaves.... is described in Bulletin 9, available from the Mineral Resources Department, Suva, Fiji.

Sheets 2 contains an auxiliary map of "Relative positions of the isles of Sheets 2, together with the overall extension of the associated islets. Vula, F. N. Vanua Levu, Landnutzung - Only catalogue Record Only - Embossing to point heigths. Including border and photo coverchart.

Embossed by point height. Including Fiji deployment with aerial and Ferry lines, 3 islands and colour illustrations. Fiji City Set 1:10.000.

At the back side: Viti Levu, 1:260,000 -- Vanua Levu, 1:280,000 -- Suva City. The Fiji Islands.

Including 2 inserts.

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