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Dive into Abu Dhabi's rising skyline as a backdrop or extend your day by booking a twilight round under the city's night sky. The capital and government centre of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. The Southern Sun Abu Dhabi Hotel offers an exceptional business and leisure experience and state-of-the-art sophistication in the heart of the CBD. Situated on the Abu Dhabi Corniche overlooking the spectacular Arabian Gulf. The official site of the Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi.

Up to 10 Facts about Abu Dhabi

It is the UAE capitol and the biggest UAE expanse, accounting for 80% of the country's land mass. When you are a woman who visits Abu Dhabi, you should wear clothes that cover your feet and your shoulder from your knee while you visit places like a mall.

Swimwear is ideal on open spaces and in restaurants and restaurants. When you visit Abu Dhabi as a Westerner and stay in a 4 or 5 stars motel, all our employees are fluent in English. There are many five-star and non-English speakers in Russia, Germany, China and Arabia.

Since Abu Dhabi has more Arabspeaking residents, it is useful if you know some of the fundamental words, especially at the airport: Tips for waiters, hoteliers, cab drivers and auto personnel are usual in Abu Dhabi. Cabs are widely used and easily found in Abu Dhabi.

Taxis are relatively low in price in comparison to other West European destinations. They can stop a cab anywhere as long as it is secure for the chauffeur. The majority of commercial centres and hotel have their own taxis. In case you would rather rent a cab, you can call the TranAD helpline +971 600 535353 and your chauffeur will call you when he arrives at your pick-up point.

The best way to call a cab is to call from a landline number, as distinct from a national number. Abu Dhabi has several different kinds of cabs. They have the biggest fleets run by an authorized cab operator. They' re older than the cabs, whites and oranges.

Rosa cabs are run by women riders and are only available for women riders and family. The majority of riders are acquainted with places of interest such as a hotel, a mall or a house and not with their name. You can also rent a driver in most five-star restaurants. The sun shines all year round, but it gets unpleasantly warm in the south.

The best period for a stay is between October and May. Visits should be avoided during the summers (June to September), as the temperature in July and August can rise to 48°C at high atmospheric damp. Companies have reduced working times and there are rules against food and drink in the general population in order to be respectful of those who fast.

Sightseeing the Great Mosque is a must when you are in Abu Dhabi. Entrance is free and the general opening times are from Saturday to Thursday (9.00 to 22.00). On Friday mornings the mosque is open for tourist activity (and services) and reopens to the general public at 4.30 pm.

It is important to observe the rules of clothing when attending the mosque. And if you forgot, go to the Galleria Mall for a wide range of high-end shops. However it is prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages in the open and this could result in a substantial penalty or even a single overnight in prison.

In Abu Dhabi, there is no right to publicly show sympathy. Patrolling the town is not for those who kiss in the open, but if someone calls or a policeman sees you, there will be a result. You should find out what activities will take place during your visit before you travel to Abu Dhabi.

The city hosts numerous cultural and sports activities such as shows, festivals and shows. In November many visitors come to the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

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