Sub Antarctic Islands Cruise

Subantarctic Islands Cruise

Silversea Cruises-Silver Discoverer cruise report by Rickee Richardson. The Macquarie Island: Cruising in the Southern Ocean. We start our safari with a cruise to three remarkable archipelagos belonging to New Zealand's subantarctic areas.

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Subantarctic Islands New Zealand or Australia? - Oceanic Adventure Forum

Subantarctic Islands New Zealand or Australia? It is a one-month cruise through New Zealand's Subantarctic Islands, Macquarie Island (Australia) and then on to the Ross Sea region of Antarctica. It is an ice-reinforced Soviet boat, the Spirit of Enderby, and has a 22-person team.

Among the travellers (mainly Australians and New Zealanders with a handful of British and US) was a geographer and a weather forecaster who had worked in Antarctica and the Subantarctic Islands. This is a small group excursion with the focus on getting as far away from the vessel as possible.

We have an open bridging politics and since we had good wheather, the Ross ocean travellers were often on the decks. Onboard there were talks and films about what we would see on the island - pinguins, seal and seal, whale and dolphin, ocean ices, the various historical cabins, the story of whale-catching in the Rossmeer area, long-linefishing for Atlantic toothfish ("Chilian See Bass") in the Rossmeer area and the story of the Heriok exploration in Antarctica.

The next day we went to the Invercargill Muzeum, which had an Antarctic exhibition, before we went to Bluff to climb the cat. Sadly, as soon as we abandoned the bluff, we had poor wheather and 35 knots of wind, which finally got weaker. That means our first time around Snares Iceland (don't touch down on the island) wasn't too harsh.

The next morning we drove to the north part of Auckland Iceland, where we had a zip circle landings and saw Hooker's sea lion, sub-Antarctic flora and some landfowl. A cemetery was also built and we learned about the early settlements on the islands, which are now a protected area and are free of imported animals.

We' also saw signs of early shipwrecks on the isle. Then we went on a tour of the Enderby Islands and made an 8 km long walk around the whole length of the outing. For those who did not want to do the longer walk, there was the possibility of a short promenade.

We saw Albatros here to nest - soot, blanket and dark, yellow-eyed penguins, Hookers Sea Lions and New Zealand fur seals as well as country fowls such as the Red-crowned Conure, Tomtit, Pippit, Auckland Island Shag and Dottrel. Then we drove to Macquarie Island and the wheather got harsh again.

It is the soil of the sea bed and the extinction of rabbit and rodent from the isle. Also we learned about the mankind story of the islands - seal and whale hunting, with many artefacts still on the islands.

The next thing we did was spend a few day at Sea to travel to the Rossmeer area and cross the Antarctic Circle - 24 hours of sunlight had reached us.

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