Fiji Country Map

National Map of Fiji

It is denominated in Fiji Dollar and the capital is Suva. You can create a free account to give feedback on a country or language and be notified when others do the same. You can now see all of Fiji and scroll your map continuously east or west. Current comments on the airports in Fiji. Ancient Map Available Reproduction Prints Available Custom Map Gifts Available.

Fiji Country Map

The Fiji - Oceania - Oceania region is a group of archipelagos distributed in the Pacific Ocean, mainly in the south of the world. It covers an area of 8.5 millionkm². These areas range from the huge Australia continents to the small Vanuatan and Tongan countries to the huge areas of Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

Oceanía is characterized by two major climate areas. New Zealand and a large part of Australia are the first, moderate, and the second, tropic, is the Pacific isles. The area is often hit by severe cyclone eruptions. New Zealand and Australia alone have created a state-ofthe-art and diverse economies; the other isles are little or no industrialised.

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Fiji Republic is situated in the centre of the south-western Pacific. It covers an area of 1.8272 million km2 squared and is home to 868,000 people, most of whom are Fijians and Indians. The inhabitants are Christians or Hindus, and the formal languages are English, with Fiji and Hindi also speaking.

It is denominated in Fiji Dollar and the main city is Suva. Fiji's flags are pale azure with the UK in the upper right hand side area, which indicates the relations between the two Commonwealth states. The flags also include the Fiji coat of arms. The Europeans began colonising Fiji in the nineteenth and in 1874 it became a UK city.

It was re-named Republic in 1987 and emigrated from the Commonwealth. Fiji's privileged policies were lifted in 1997, but it rejoined the Commonwealth in September this year. It was re-named "Republic of Fiji Islands" on 27 July 1998. There are two mainstays of the economy: the sugars sector and the tourist sector.

Fruitful coastline means that the country can grow a broad variety of tropic crop plants, as well as sugars, and the country is indeed one of the biggest exporters of sugars, which Yu calls a "sweet island". Its most important cultures are cacao, chocolate, cotton, coffee, coconuts and bananas.

It is situated in the Pacific Ocean with the International Date Line passing through the isles. If you cross the line from south to south, you loose a whole days, and if you cross from north to south, you win a whole one. In order to avoid, however, that the country belongs to the two Hemisphere, which leads to chaos of times, Fiji is classified to the Eastern Hemisphere.

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