Wallis and Futuna Islands

Valais and Futuna Islands

The Wallis and Futuna Islands: a French overseas territory in the SW Pacific, west of Samoa. Valais and Futuna Geography Prior to 1961 Wallis and Futuna were a free country, then a New Caledonia settlement. It became a part of the national territories of France in 1961 and a community of France in 2003. The Wallis and Futuna consists of three volcanoes ( "Wallis", "Futuna" and "Alofi") and several small isles.

Situated 280 km north east of Fiji and 370 km in the South Pacific Ocean westwards of Samoa. It is divided between two groups of islands (Wallis and Futuna) about 260 km apart. Wallis and Futuna have a total of 12,000 inhabitants. This Walloon and futunian municipality in New Caledonia has around 35,000 inhabitants.

Valaisans and Futunians are true Valaisans and have the right to reside anywhere in France. You are eligible to stand for election in municipal and regional (French) election. Jean-Francis Treffel, prefect of the Republic of France, is the head of state in Wallis and Futuna. Valais and Futuna are replaced by a member of the Senate and a member of the Senate of France.

The three councillors (Uvea in Wallis and Alo and Sigave in Futuna) are based on the monarchy (see below) and have their own budgets and similar tasks as a councillor. In accordance with the 1961 Act, France has declared its willingness to retain three monarchs (one in Wallis and two in Futuna) in which common and co-existent laws are in force.

Every usual Monarchie is made up of a monarchy, nominated by the regal family, supported by a premier and a "cheferie" made up of the heads of the villages of the Monarchie. Monarchs are in charge of resolving conflicts over lands and the family, as well as traditional ceremonials. There are three columns on which Wallis and Futuna rest: Customs (empowered by the monarchy), the Catholic Church and the French State.

Walloon and Futuna is a member of the Pacific Community (SPC), the Pacific Island Development Fund, the South Pacific Tourism Organisation, is an associated member of the South Pacific Environmental Program (SPREP) and has an observatory statute at the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF). There are only a few other local links in the area, except with other units in France, New Caledonia and Polynesia in France.

It obliges New Caledonia and France to assist the economies of Wallis and Futuna, in particular as regards accessibility to jobs, welfare and healthcare. Australian Consul General in Noumea is registered with Wallis and Futuna. Wallis and Futuna are the only ODA-enabled area in France due to their low GNI.

After Cyclone Evan in December 2012, Australia provided $50,000 for humanitarian aid and catastrophe aid in Wallis and Futuna. The Australian Ambassadorial Scholarships Programme (Australia Awards) was expanded to include Wallis and Futuna in 1999. Fifteen Wallis and Futuna scholars have been awarded since 2000. After New Zealand, New Caledonia, Singapore and France, Australia is the fifth biggest trade associate of Wallis and Futuna with an approximate import value of 67 million dollars.

Valais and Futuna export little, with only 36. The Parliamentary Secretary of State for Pacific Island Affairs, Richard Marles, then paid a visit to Wallis and Futuna to take part in the celebration of the 1950th birthday of his Constitution in the capitol Mata' Utu.

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