Maui Island Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions of Maui Island

If we visit Maui, we take the guesswork out of the equation. Do a whale watching tour off the coast of Maui. The Maui Seven Sacred Pools - Swimming under a waterfall and tips for your visit. Maui paintball is one of the funniest of these goals. Check out this list of the most famous Maui attractions and fun activities on the Magic Isle.

Sights, Sights, Attractions in Maui

And Maui will inspire the explorer in you. Due to the relatively small island area, most of Maui's most popular attractions are within walking distance. The prizewinning exhibition shows the story of the Maui' s flourishing glucose production and its part in building the island' s wealthy multicultural people. We will take a sightseeing trip with Maui's historical steamer and dining procession between the historical city of Lahaina and Kaanapali.

Situated in the centre near Maui Hotel. Maui' s first address for fine and dramatic art. The 60-hectare estate provides an insight into Hawaii's wealth of farming heritage. There is an active natural heritage centre and accompanied rain forest tours. Maui' s top tourist destinations - his cheeses and trifles are winning prizes at home. Whalewatching off the coastline of Maui.

See how Flip Nicklin, co-founder of the Flip Trust, unveils the secrets of Hawaii's humpback whales. Then, take a whalewatching trip off the shore of Maui.

The Maui Tourism 2018: The best of Maui

When you watch the sun rise from a 10,000 foot high vulcano, swim under a waterfall, hike through crates and have fun on white, red and even dark sandy shores, then expect a Maui. The Maui is the place for surfing and windsurfing. Or, take a dive and snorkelling boat to Molokini Island, a caldera that rises from the ocean and is home to a rich variety of aquatic species.

Gulf, good food, a vineyard, museum and a Mai-Tai on the beaches round off the ideal vacation in the tropics. Would you like to cut your Maui Hotels costs by up to 30%?

Locations to be explored

It is the second most popular place in Maui and for good reason. It has a beautiful blend of scenery, cultural richness and a good portion of Hwaiian heritage on its shore. At Lahaina you can go to the beaches, be enchanted by the beauties of nature and sea live, see the various historic sights and dive into the indigenous arts and cultur.

Lahaina is therefore one of the best places on the island of Maui. Lahaina has a lot to show for tourism and guests. If you are asking yourself what Lahaina has to offers, here are some of the places you can discover during your stay in Lahaina. The Maui is known for its sandy beach, and the western side, and Lahaina included, prides itself on the most stunning coasts of Hawaii, and it also has the difference of having the most stunning sunsets on the world.

Choose between the West Maui coastline, or even better, come and see what it's like on the shores of Maui. The Black Rock at Ka'anapali is a favourite snorkelling and dive site. Apart from that you can go swimming, surfing or just take a walk on the beacht.

It was voted the best in the USA in 2006 and is a favourite place for bathing and windsurfing. The Ka'anapali is another best in 2003, with three leagues of beaches ideal for bathing, windsurfing, sailing or any other merriment.

The Kaplua is also known as "Old Fleming Beach" and provides great opportunities for swim, surf and snorkel. It was also voted the best in the USA in 1991. Besides the picturesque sandy beaches you can also have a look at the beautiful pools surrounded by crags.

Like the other secluded sandy areas, you can go swimming, snorkelling and surfing. It is also a great place to just chill out on the shore or take a relaxing walk while watching the sundown. Lahaina would not be completed until you have seen the soft giant of the ocean - the moguls.

Since Lahaina was an important harbor for whalers in the past, you have a great outlook on the cetaceans in their dens. There are several historic sites and attractions in Lahaina for you. For this reason Lahaina is registered in the National Register of Historic Places. Lahaina has many places where you can tell about Hawaii's past and history.

It is a self led trip, so it is more interesting to visit and find the area by yourself. Guide to the village is available at the Lahaina Visitor Center. When you want to see a true treetop, you have to see the Banyan trees in Lahaina. If they say big, that would be an exaggeration, because the forest is covering an entire part of town.

Banyan is also one of the biggest and perhaps one of the oldest trees in the USA. Originally from India, the plant was established in 1873. Banyan is also the place where you can see great Hwaiian artwork. There is an artistic event at the root of this big forest every second and forth week-end of the year.

The Lahaina is a must if you are really interested in fine work. With around 40 fine artist studios to see and explore, Lahaina has become one of the most famous centres of the USA. You will find pictures, sculpture, jewellery and pottery by regional artisans in the gallery.

Several of the galeries you can see are the Old Jail Gallery, Village Galeries and Martin Lawrence Galeries. To get an insight into the multi-ethnicity of Hawaii you should attend the Lahaina Jodo Mission. You want to be in Lahaina, it's Front Street.

Full of shops, supermarkets and numerous galeries, there is a lot to do. And, of course, one must not ignore the Lau. For a more genuine Hwaiian Lau, Front Street has the Old Lahaina and Royal Lahaina Resorts to offer you a delicious Hwaiian party with free Hwaiian fun.

At all these attractions it is not difficult to understand why Lahaina on the island of Maui has more than a mere proportion of people. Lahaina combines great landscapes of natural, historical and cultural interest and offers its guests a fullhawaiian adventure.

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