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Wind, waves & weather forecast Bella Bella/Campbell Island / British Columbia, Canada for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing. Weather is historic. Campbell Island/Motu Ihupuku can finally be free of rats. maps, weather and information about Campbell Island, Canada. We' ve got reviews from the best places in Campbell River.

The Vancouver Island Museum of Nature.

synopsis information for 93947 in Campbell Island Aws, STL, New Zealand

This page may be reporting a issue where there is no issue. Please be aware that any changes you make may take a few extra working day before they are displayed here. Situated at the marker shown - or very near.

When the indicated site (or altitude) of the meteorological observation site is wrong, move the mark to the correct place (or click on the correct place) and then submit the actualized information. We will try to identify either the Stevenson screen (or equivalent) or the place where the barometrics are measured.

Are you able to help with the site qualities? Indicate whether the mark on the chart points to the meteorological instrument: This page's site information comes from 4 wells. Most of these springs indicate the position only until the next minutes (or hundredths of a degree). For more information, see Discussion of site errors.

Display site progress. Site is geo-coded as mummy. There' re no photos from the ward. You have two options for submitting images. If not, you can mail the images as follows: Then click'Select photos and videos' and go through the procedure to load up your images. Most importantly, you should include the following tags: whxstation -- if the image contains the meteorological information, do so.

You must have at least five photos to register for your profile. Your photos will take longer to appear (about a week). Otherwise, the photos should appear after 24-48 h. When there are photos of the meteorological office, please click on these photos and tag them with the tags'wxtagged' and'wx:wmo=93947'.

Please also include the tag'wx:station' for the ward itself. Certain people do not allow other people to include tagging in their pictures. On each of the last 26 analysed day the information was viewed. Current readings of this meteorological office can be download as CSV files that can be imported into various spreadsheets: last 7 day, last 14 day, last 28 day, last 56 day.

and the IQY is the web query that accesses it: last 7 day (IQY: last 7 days), last 14 day (IQY: last 14 days), last 28 day (IQY: last 28 days), last 56 day (IQY: last 56 days).

These are the locations near this location. It also lists the mean distance between your stop-off point and each stop-off point. These numbers can also be used to customize your instrument, especially if multiple ASOS workstations have similar diffs.

Also try to increase the time to analyze to more than the standard 28 working nights. There is only a discrepancy if both stages are reporting quite frequently on each of them. A number of stops only cover every 6 hour, which makes the averages less interesting. Indicated readings are the discrepancies between this and the adjacent location.

This means that if the differential is alphanumeric, this substation reads higher than the neighbouring one. So the pages selected above did not continue to provide reports during the time frame of the analyses, so the offset may (probably) be incorrect. There are three different display sizes for the site. The CWOP Home: CWOP Home: Describes the entire CWOP programme and contains a lot of useful information.

The CWOP Location Manual (PDF): These are guidelines for setting up and running a CWOP workstation. One more CWOP guideline (PDF): These are further guidelines for setting up and running a CWOP workstation. Municipal location and operation (PDF): These are guidelines for setting up and running a CWOP substation in an urban area.

Reading Guide Topo Map:

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