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Reasons to come to Strahan, a secluded Tasmanian city with only 600 inhabitants.

After spending a little in Tassie over the years, I am more than used to the kind of riding that can be experienced (I'm a little too comfortable with these lethal Tassican hills.) So I thought I knew what to look forward to from our southernmost state. It was only when I approached the end of my last journey that I really began to appreciate how many places of our land (and our south state) I still have to go and experience: there are so many historic tales of great importance to discover.

At an unlikely moment, during a trip to one of the smallest Tassie cities in the area, with a total of less than 600 inhabitants, I met Strahan. However, sometimes you only need a small-town tourist boost to really appreciate the width of our country's charms.

Situated on the coastline of Tasmania's west wild, it certainly requires some efforts to reach the remote town of Strahan, but upon arriving you'll soon realize that every kilometer you drive is a reward. Don't make a big error - Strahan is a thriving town. Apart from the culinary spoiling, it was the World Heritage-listed wildlife I saw during the trip that put me in reverence.

I' ve had the opportunity to watch the wildlife of Australia, which has not only been unspoiled for hundreds of years before Europe was settled, but for tenousands of years. A native and grown up in the sprawling city of Sydney, I have seen the wilds of Tasmania and experienced how we have gradually neglected parts of our world.

The daydreams and visits to the countryside came to a halt when the ship reached the former punishment camp Sarah Island. A little-known tale came to the fore, reminding us of the importance of our own domestic histories. About 1500 prisoners were living a brutal existence on Sarah Island in the early years of the early population.

It made me think, however, that for many this part of Australia could be unfamiliar. Many of the people on the mainland have forgotten that Tasmania (called Van Diemen's Land) was the second area of Australia after Sydney to be populated by early Europeans in 1822. For all Australians interested in Tasmania and its intriguing past, Sarah Island is a must.

An unconditional supporter of the Strahan area is Kiah Davey. When I think of Strahan, I think of Kiah. It' going to be difficult to find someone in Strahan who doesn't know and Iove her. She is in charge of preserving her deceased father's dreams as she translates the history of Van Diemens Land and Tasmania into performances.

This is a real account of the last vessel constructed in the Macquarie Harbour prisoner compound in 1834. It' a one-of-a-kind life narrative of a journey that is about to start the new Port Arthur jail - but the prisoners on the plane are changing the course of time.

But I was agreeably amazed and pleased to learn more about Tasmania's past and Australia's nationhood. It may be one of Tasmania's most remote cities, but there is so much to do. Anyone who plans a journey to Tassie is encouraged to take the trouble to do so.

It' really is a miocosm of nature that allows us to decelerate and appreciate the wealth y histories of our state. Draw your Tassie thing.

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