Airlines to Lanai Hawaii

Airports to Lanai Hawaii

Cheap flights to Lanai: The Lanai Air Elevate your Lanai experience, starting with your own private flight with the fastest connection between Honolulu and Lanai 'Ohana by Hawaiian flights are operated by Empire Airlines and fly between: Chill out - booking your flight from Sydney to Lanai Hawaiian Airlines has never been easier (or cheaper) thanks to Expedia. Air carriers flying to HNL airport.

New Hawaiian Airlines to Molokai, Lanai for $59 inaugural price for new airlines to Molokai, Lanai

Almost one year after the first announcement of its Uhana by the Hawaiian affiliate, on March 11th, the inter-island turbo-prop services Honolulu-Molokai and Honolulu-Lanai will be introduced at a one-way rate of 59 US dollars. There will be three departures a day to Molokai from 11 March to serve the city of Okhana from the city of Mt. 11 March and two departures a day to Lanai from 18 March.

Would you like to reserve the $59 introduction price of the new airline? You must buy your ticket now until 17 February for journeys between 11 March and 17 April 2014. The Ohana Airlines operations are operated by 48-seat turbo-prop aircrafts with 25 minutes flying time between Honolulu and Molokai and 30 minutes flying time between Honolulu and Lanai.

Originally hoping to begin its journey to Okhana last past sommer, the airline had to await Federal Aviation Administration approval longer than foreseen. You can find information about Hawaiian's timetable, tickets and bookings at Meanwhile, not to be surpassed by messages from Okana through Hawaiians rollout date and preliminary price statement, the inter-Icelandic contender Island Air announced its own $59 tariff for travel between Honolulu and Lanai.

This low priced rate is now available until February 17, 2014 at Iceland Air is the property of Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation, who bought the turboprops airline in February 2013. ellison is also the proprietor of 98% of lanai after buying the island of hawaii in June 2012.

I don't know about you, but a holiday on Lanai in the next few month is starting to ring really good for us.

Airline Hawaiian extends to Lanai

Air Lines announces on Wednesday that it will be increasing its'Ohana by Hawaiian' services to Lanai a few weeks after Iceland Air announces the end of its operation on the Iceland. For a cheaper timetable with an extra trip, start Wednesday, May 16th. This new five-fold increased air travel will provide more immediate flights between Honolulu International Airport and Lanai Airport throughout the year.

The Ohana carrier will be the only one to serve Lanai if Island Air ceases operations on April 1.

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