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Up to 10 facts about Hawaii Green Sea Turtle Chelonia myda is the name of the freshwater tortoise, but the name in Hawaii is simple: "Honu". In spite of their threatened extinction state, there are relatively frequent spotting around the sharks in Hawaii' water. These are our favourite facts about Hawaii's much-loved giant tortoises, which we will call Honu.

Its name is not derived from the colour of its skin, which is often coloured in amber, gray, blackened or deep oil. Whereas adults are herbal eaters with jagged pines for the consumption of seaweed and seaweed, young animals are omnivorous and eat on bugs, shellfish, worms, seaweeds and many other available foods.

Honey grows to about 3-4 ft, but weighs up to 300-350 pounds or more! You can find it all over the globe in hot semitropical and tropic water. They nest in the USA in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the eastern coastline of Florida. Habitat of Hong is divided between the country and the sea.

It is the place where they breed, lie their nests and thus slip, while their marine environment is the place where they live most of their time. As hatcheries seldom live to reproduction ages, most of them are only touching the country once in their life as they make their crazy leap from nests to the sea.

They are known to cover long distance to go back to their favourite nesting grounds. HONO's chief robbers are large shark, especially cavehead. However, man is in second place, involving himself in catching gears, hunting, plastic capture, marine contamination and coast-building. Consideration and appreciation can make a great contribution to the achievement of this honor.

Hopefully you will soon be on board one of our snorkel trips and you will get great Honu sights on your trip with us.

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