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Map of Lanai

View this updated map of L?na'i City courtesy of Mike Carroll Gallery. The trangulation, topography, boundaries and map of J. F. Brown and M.

D. Tourist Map of Lana'i Island, Hawaii. Lanai Cat Sanctuary, Lanai City: Insulated Lanai black map.

Discover Lana'i

On Lana'i one or two days is enough to eliminate the itching - but not enough to roam the islands from coastline to coastline. Travellers who visit Lana'i as part of a daily excursion from Maui will be arriving on the early Lahaina-boat.

With the early 6:45 am boat you are in your SUV and set off at about 8:30 am for an 7-8 hour journey to explore Lana'i before the boat takes you home. On Lana'i, with a full working days, get yourself a snack and drink for the street before leaving Lana'i City and drive east over the ridge of the hill towards Kaiolohia Beach.

The serpentine coastal ride takes you to stop for an occasional stop and take in the panorama that stretches from the Haleakala to the south shore of the Molokai. At the end of the Kaiolohia Trail you can take a brief, rocky stroll to the sandy beach of Shipwreck Beach, where you can comb the windswept shore for mussels or wander to the cliff paintings, which are located in a gorge just a few hundred metres from the water.

At the back of the temple, a brief path leads through the wood of Mount Ciawe to the ruins of the Maunalei factory - a unsuccessful attempt that took a year and was completed in 1901. Drive towards Kahalepalaoa and the ruins of Club Lana'i and take a break for a snack on the shore if the trade winds have not yet caught up.

Adventurers can continue to Lopa Beach, just a few leagues further southwards, where a gentle sweeping bay with gentle sweeping swells is popular with local people for windsurfing, boating and angling along the coastline.

Off-road adventure on Lanai

LAUNAI - Encircled by jagged, Martian-like ground, odd cliffs, and crumbly country lanes of deep red color, it seemed to us that we might be doomed. There are few asphalted streets on Lanai, the estate of James Dole, queen of pineapples, now belonging to Larry Ellison, a technical titanium who bought 97 per cent of the land in 2012.

There is a major street bordered by Cook pine trees that links the small Manele Bay marina, where the shuttle moors, with Lanai City, high above the ocean in its own foggy micro-climate. A further street goes down to the trading port Kaumalapau Harbour, past the small Lanai Aiport.

Lanai has 400 leagues of unpaved road, a remnant of the island's plantations. The relaxed Lanai native, who operates the Adventure Lanai EcoCentre, had parked his shining scarlet caravan, which was equipped with a radiator, wicker roofs, hand towels and an important map.

After a nice stay in a nice motel, we had hoped to bring the car back to the harbour the next day, not to stay the whole day out here in the midst of extraterrestrial nowhere. It is a place of legend, the most beloved of two Lanai and Molokai warriors.

The Lanai has burnt everything to keep his fire going. Though that may account for the sparse scenery, aggressive unaccountable rocky peaks twisting to towers or strangely curved and hurled hither and yon. bizarre rock. We' ve been here for the adventures, for the odd attractions and for the trip along a series of unsignposted country lanes that we were hoping could take us back to Lanai City.

It turns out that most streets here do - even the dirt ones. About 45 mins after we left Keahiakawelo and its rockery, we were back in the city, slurping Guava Southside drinks at the Lanai City Cricket and drinking to adventures - and on Mikey's map. The majority of Lanai can only be reached by four-wheel drives, Mountainbikes or on horse back.

When you stay in a lodging establishment, the reception or reception can organise a pickup or accompanied tour. There are several Lanai Dollar Lanai ( rentals on the islands, which include two and four doors Wranglers jeeps ($148-$180 per day), but you need to collect the car in Lanai City.

Lanai Ecocentre Adventure provides led off-road trips, windsurfing liveaboards and a $114 per diem rental of jeeps. There are two Lanai properties, one is the Plantagenhotel Lanai and the other is the Four Seasons Resort Lanai. Four Seasons Lodge in Koele is currently closing for renovation, but is scheduled to re-open later this year.

As well as Nobu, One Forty and Malibu Farm at Four Seasons Resort, Lanai City has a wide range of restaurants, such as the award winning Lanai City Grill.

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