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The CRNA is a group of specially qualified specialists who have been offering surgery anaesthesia and analgesic therapy in various areas of medicine for more than 150 years. Supplying extensive anaesthetic treatment to the patient before, during and after surgery and obstetrics, they are the most important anaesthetists in rustic and under-served areas.

They practise in any environment where anaesthesia is performed, which includes conventional hospitals and obstetrics rooms, intervention therapy for pains, intensive wards and outpatient surgery wards.

This is a supporting group of over 400 FANA adopted or in the course of the year.

This is a supporting group of over 400 FANA adopted or in the course of the year. The FANA (the abbreviation for Foundation for the Aid of Abandoned Children), a privately owned children's home in Bogotá, Colombia. Our company offers adoptive and education care service to those who have been adopted or are in the course of it.

We also encourage a strong sense of community and culture among Western New York, Ontario and Pennsylvania to help our children's esteem and comprehension of Colombia. 501 (c)(3) is a non-profit organisation that collects donations to FANA in Bogotá and helps to support community children's organizations in western New York.

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On the Quenya conception of natural forms. The most Ainur select a corpse, and if they take a bodily shape, it is called Fana. Though the Ainur are angelical beings of the mind, they all have a certain sex, masculine or feminine, and this sex is part of what they are, whether they accept a Fana or not.

If they take a corporeal shape, it's a reflection of their sex. For example, Manwë Súlimo uses a fana in the shape of a man, that of a great kings. Varda Elentári, his woman, dresses with the Fana in the shape of a great and lovely princess.

Though most Ainur adopt a bodily state, some of them, such as Ulmo, seldom take a bodily state. Ainu can sometimes be so badly wounded or wounded that he is only able to take upon a bodily state. Trapped in the devastation of Númenor, Sauron could never again take faire terms, and after his defeat of The One Ring at the end of the Second Age, he could not take many years of bodily forms.

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