Vanuatu Guide

The Vanuatu Guide

Flights for students - A Vanuatu maiden You give me a swimmingpool or a laguna or a sea or a shore and I'll be a lucky one. As you can guess, I was in my element last week-end in Vanuatu. At the top we dropped our pockets, pulled down to our floats and drove up the water-covered trail. First I was fossilized that I slipped on the water-covered rock and landed in an unfavorable split posture, or even more badly, my bathing suit tore, but it was much simpler than it was.

Together with the help of the cable, which I could grab on to, I made it into the top rocks without any pain. Arrived there, I walked into the swimming pools and watched the waterfalls. There is a very high level of air flow because the falls 50 meters into the swimming pools from above.

But with another adventurous plan we took our lucky snapshots, took one last swim in the crystalline freshwater, slipped down a few waterfalls (Mother Nature's response to Wet'n' Wild) and went down again. Next on the program was less rain, but much more enjoyment - and pace.

This jungle safari included fast shots, flyin' mud, a lot of high five from the island's lovely little ones and even more laughter. Alongside the route we made a stop at a scenic sandy spot, where I took another bath with some of my native laughing offspring, followed by another stop for pits, where we were enjoying typical products in a town.

To me this meant: refreshing coir juices and blue berry cakes from the morning refreshment bar, followed by pine colada at the poolside and a swim with a star fish in the lake, just a few footsteps away from the pools.

The Vanuatu Guide - Visitor information about Port Vila and Vanuatu

Out in Vanuatu there is a hot tropic weather. Vanuatu is best visited during the arid period, from May to October. During this period the temp. is approx. 23°C (Celsius). The Vanuatu natives dress casually. Vanuatu is AEST plus one hours - AEST is the standard Eastern Australia travel times, i.e. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Alternatively you can work Vanuatu period by putting 11hrs on GMT - Greenwich Mean London Mean Times. Bureaus and stores are open from Monday to Friday. Mail is open from Monday to Friday 7 am. But the postshop with postage stamps, cards and letterboxes is open via Siesta. Telecom sales office for fax and phone sales is in the mail.

It' open at the same time as the post office to watch siesta. We are located on the Hauptstraße in Port Vila, opposite the Westpac and ANZ bank offices. You will find the central café in the city, not far from the post office on the same side of the city.

Since 2006, Worawia has been the formal community postal agency for Mele and Mele-Maat, which sells postcards and cancels. You can also pick up your parcel regularly at the Vanuatu Hotel and is provided by Vanuatu Swiss Post Ltd. Further producs and service like Telecom Vanuatu Ltd are planned for 2006.

Port Vila is a city or mains drinking facility, although bottle waters are available in Port Vila hypermarkets. Port Vila Central Hospital is open 24/7. There' are several GPs in Port Vila. Inquire with your health insurance company before you travel to Vanuatu whether your expatriate services are covered by Vanuatu Medico.

The Vanuatu is the Vatu, usually shortened as Vt, although its official symbol is VUV. Their value depends on the exchangerate, although it is a fairly solid one. Verify an on-line converter for the current rates in your own currencies. Aussie dollars and other currencies and major currencies are widely used in Port Vila, although the western part of the island prefers Vatu.

Vanuatu has 7 ATMs - 6 in Port Vila and 1 in Louganville, Santo Island. The National Bank of Vanuatu, ANZ and Westpac have branch offices in Port Vila, where money can be changed from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm.

There are also other bureaux de change in some privately owned companies, mostly duty-free stores. The 12.5% value added taxpayer fee is levied on goods and service as there is no personal incomes in Vanuatu. When you have money in your purse at the end of your Vanuatu holiday, you should change it into your own money, as Vatu is seldom found or approved outside Vanuatu.

Of course, this is only if you do not intend to come back or gather banknotes and money. The Vanuatu mains plug is one that is used in Australia and may contain a switch for additional security. The Vanuatu uses Australian/New Zealand 3-pin connectors for 220-280 volt amp.

Connector Converter can be purchased in some regional electronics shops or DIY markets as well as in some generalty. Vanuatu is on the right-hand side of the street. The busses will take you anywhere in the centre of Port Vila for 200 Vt. Travellers over 15 years of age are admitted to Vanuatu duty-free:

Customs free goods can be bought on all Air Vanuatu services (and other carriers that fly to Vila port), at the main airports or in the Customs Free Shop in Vila city. Auckland in New Zealand, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia, Noumea in New Caledonia, Nadi in Fiji and Honiara in the Solomon Islands.

Our sales office on Rue de Paris, in Port Vila (next to the Vanuatu National Bank) is open from Monday to Friday, 7 July. Vanair, the Vanuatu national carrier, is flying to the outlying Islands. In order to renew the permissions (maximum 4 month in one year), please consult the Immigration Office, PMB 092, Port Vila.

You will start your year on the day you first visit Vanuatu. Vanuatu has many festivities and celebrations. One of the most important and acclaimed festivities and celebrations in Vanuatu are: Travelling to Vanuatu may be simpler than you think. And Vanuatu is also a great place for a marriage.

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