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Foreign islands of Fiji

Attenborough visits the outer Fiji Islands and studies tribal rituals. Outer Islands of Fiji. The people of TA suggest staying a few nights on the outer islands. Fiji's second largest island is Vanua Levu, northeast of Viti Levu.

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Outer Isle - Which one? Were inavini and Viwa, both have great sands. Ideal for hiking, snorkelling, canoeing, snorkelling or just relaxing. All Navinis allow kids of all age. When you go to Australia or New Zealand during your summer vacation, you would be expecting that there are kids.

We didn't have any, because we were out of saison and off-hours. There is 24/7 transport to the islands, so there is no need to stay onshore. A further plus, all snorkel trips and trips to the islands are inclusive in the prize. The food is delicious. You can also eat at your office or on the shore.

It also has an outstanding sandy area, although the beaches are not directly on the sea but rather near each other. It' only a few mins to the shore. Check the resort web pages for tour, meals, etc. and consult them about pricing or any other question you may have.

Navini, Viwa and Matamanoa receive fervent criticism. These are some photos from our holiday in Navini.


Mostly the best way to go scuba off the well-trodden paths - not only because there are fewer people on the reef - which means that they are kept in really good condition, but also the number in the submersible and on site is smaller, which leads to a more private time.

Taveuni and to a greater extent Kadavu are definitely far away from the crazy masses of people in Port Denarau, and all the better. So, if you don't need a TV or swimming set-up swimming pools, but rather world-class scuba and the 4th biggest ocean barriers in the planet, then Taveuni and Kadavu are probably more to your taste.

In Kadavu is the Astrolabe Refuge, the 4th biggest barriere wall system in the whole wide archipelago, as you can see on the worldmap. There are huge rock y and corals with swimming through and labyrinths that should make an impression even on the most expert diver.

A home for a multitude of timid animals such as pipefishes, seahorses, eel, squid, as well as a rich fishing history from lip shark to one. Kadavu resort should not be seen as easy, the only thing that is rationalized is power - as it is produced from small diesel-consuming power packs and small photovoltaic systems.

Because of the need, most resort areas are largely self-sufficient: they composted wastes, fed their hogs with leftover fodder and conducted gray waters to the terrain while outdoor hens supplied the egg. They can help these by restricting the use of "disposables" (this term should be banned) and returning all used, non-compostable objects to the land for "disposal".

A number of hotels are located around the islands, most of them will pick you up in your own boats from the airports or terminals. Maidive: directly on the Astrolabe Reef with only five boes and a max. of 16 people, which guarantees you a very individual and one-of-a-kind diving adventure.

Luxurious resorts with hot shower, Wi-Fi and a complimentary airplane. There is a sun lounger on the water side and a quiet place to relax with a shady bay (the shore is only a few minutes by boat). Less off the well-trodden paths, Taveuni has a full-length street, an airfield and a sea transport station.

Taveuni's fascination is the Rainbow Reef in Somosomo Straits home base diving locations such as the Great White Wall, The Ledge and Rainbow's End. The Taveuni Resort's Great White Walls, described as " a vertical 16m long and deep vertical face coated with ice-coloured corals....".

Not only is it the wall, there are also swimming pools full of midnight fishing and large dead corals, where I myself spend 40 min. observing the local corals at work. You can also find many other diving spots in the area - just about all the way from Vanua Levu to Savusavu, and a large flat snorkeling spot at the south tip of Taveuni in Vuna Red - as you can see on the chart.

On the other side of Taveuni is a well-maintained national park - Bouma National Park - with a stream flowing in a row of falls down the precipitous slope, with fresh water spas and a trail that leads to various vantage points with stunning view over the cove.

The Taveuni has a large number of scuba bases and resort facilities that provide scuba dives; here are two samples from each end of the spec. Situated on Vanua Levu's Somosomo Road, Dolphin Bay Diver Retreat: Dolphin Bay Divers provides scuba divers and scuba divers training at all Taveuni resort sites, which are only a 20 minutes cruise across the straits.

The Taveuni Scuba Diver Resort: a specially constructed scuba site located in the Taveuni Estates Residence, Taveuni Scuba has four boat chartered and provides twin open water scuba courses to all the surrounding area. Alternatively, to go scuba-diving in these sites, both Taveuni and Kadavu, is a small boat trip to the outer islands, with someone like Captain Cook Fiji cruising.

Your hunger is now aroused, here you will find more information about how to get to these islands and more about Fiji in general.

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