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It' a humid and wind yaw, with snows falling to the lower southern hemisphere on Tuesday. Monday mornings, much of the western part of the North Island is threatened by heavy storms, with the possibility of wind gusts of more than 110kmh and possibly small tornados.

MeetsService said there was a moderately to high level of exposure to storms during Monday for Fiordland, Westland, Buller, Northwestnelson and for west and north parts of North Island. Stormwolks are rising over Tasman Bay after a rainy week-end. Though MetService had released several weather or rainy alerts for the Sunday of the night.

On Monday at 5am they were usually "on their last legs", but on Monday there was still a rainy alert for the Tararua Range, said MetService weather forecaster Karl Loots. Storms were also possible throughout the North Island on Monday. "It was a rather small rain-stripe that moved across the North Island at night.

Last night's floods and slippage disturbed transport and energy supplies in the Hutt Valley. A large pinewood fell in Wellington's Akatarawa, cutting the electrical wiring and electrical wiring of nearly 70 houses. 4 mm of precipitation had dropped in Westport in the last 30 hour until 8 a.m. Monday.

During the 12 hrs from 9 p.m. Sunday to 9 a.m. Monday, another 70 to 100 mm of precipitation was anticipated over the Westland areas, whereby 40 to 60 mm are possible in addition to what has already dropped. Precipitation of 15 to 25 mm per hr was anticipated at the top intensities, and storms were possible.

Slips in Wellington's Akatarawa Valley to Waikanae Road were blocking it. There was a large jaw coming down and cutting the electrical wiring underneath. Rd block in Lower Hutt was also shut down on Monday because of the bad wheather, as was Grays Rd in Plimmerton. With rainfall of almost 50mm on Sunday, Wellington is forecast to reach only 12°C, with violent and possibly stormy downpours and calming storms in the north.

It is said that Christchurch will remain arid during the afternoon, with a high of 13°C and powerful north winds. Auckland is expecting some violent rain on Monday, with the chance of storm vests in prominent places and a high of 16°C. Monday morning's damp and wind comes after a rainy week-end of floods and a fistful of roadblocks.

At Waikato, a humid, damp Monday caused the abandonment of several hundred houses without electricity. At the Kimihia area, the electricity is out to 684 features of Huntly Noth. At Hillcrest, about 55 houses are de-energised due to an unscheduled failure. Elsewhere, a spokesman for the Eighty-Eight Valley policemen said there had been a report of a forest that had blocked the Eighty-Eight Valley street, just outside Nelson, around 6am.

4:45 Monday mornin'. The SH 6 between Murchison and Inangahua in Upper Buller Gorge re-opened at 11am on Monday. Suspected " firefighters were summoned to the Paritutu Rock parking lot before 5 a.m. on Monday mornings.

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