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One-day excursions are possible from Maui on board the Lanai Ferry expeditions. It's tragic what happened in Lanai and Molokai. Me and my husband used Lost on Lanai for the day trip from Maui to Lanai. The Lost on Lanai made our trip very easy. Here you will find important information about Lanai, including community meetings and community programs.

Who is Lanai - Aloha HawaiiWho is Lanai - Aloha Bawaii?

The smallest of Hawaii's populated isles, Lanai covers 140 sq. m. The island is one of the largest in Hawaii. Home to a flourishing pinapple orchard, Lanai has re-invented itself as a seductive holiday spot with world-class greens and award-winning board. It' a nice one on Lanai. Lanai was considered to have been run over by wicked ghosts in the Ancients.

Kaululaau, the young man, the offspring of a Maui chieftain, was banished to Lanai to discover the islands and to keep them free of such ghosts to make Lanai fit for settlement. An important part of Lanai's story was written in 1922 when an entrepreneurial business man by the name of James Dole bought the Isle for $1.1 million.

Over the years, the small Lanai has become the world's biggest exporters of this juicy product. Lanai was hailed for years as Hawaii's blossoming "Pineapple Island". Lanai turned to the tourist trade in the early 1980', when the pinapple production began to dwindle. There are two luxurious resorts: the Lodge in Koele and the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay Hotel.

In addition, there were a couple of champion course: the Koele Tournament and the Challenge at Manele (designed by Ted Robinson and Jack Nicklaus). Apart from the sport of playing a game of tennis, Lanai has a lot to do and see. Discover the Garden of the Gods, a fascinating cliff formations that reminds of a moonscape.

See artworks in the Lanai Art & Culture Center, a celebrity joint art display window. They can even "lock and load" at Lanai Pine Sports Clay, the only sports field in the country.

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Situated in the centre of the archipelago, Lana`i is the 6th biggest of the islands of Hawaii, about 13 nautical and 18 mile. Lana' i is sheltered, with the Molokai and Maui Isles to the northeast and Kahoolawe to theheast. It has a living ethnical community of about 3,200 inhabitants.

Formerly known as Ananas Island, where the Hawaiian Pineapple Company (later Dole) ran almost 20,000 hectares of pine apple orchards, Lana`i is now called Hawaii's most remote island. During the 1980s, businessman David Murdock turned failed farms into a world-class tourist resort, preserving most of the islands' pristine landscapes, historic artefacts and the general atmosphere of enigma.

Larry Ellison, the Oracle founders, purchased 98% of the Isle of Murdock in 2014. It is the island's exceptional natural beauties that are most evident in their contrasts - from brightly colored and luxuriant to unobtrusive, from sun-drenched sandy shores to fog-covered, jagged pinewoods; from rural charms to relaxed sophistication.

There is a world-class spa with a champion course. Covering the width of Lanai's many pristine mountains and marine marvels, the residence preserves local tastes and cultures and offers the highest levels of quality to its guests.

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