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It is an island state in the South Pacific east of Vanuatu, west of Tonga and south of Tuvalu. Throughout the years, Fiji has secured its place as a truly advantageous, safe and business-friendly location of unparalleled quality for ALL investors. Our service staff is available at the following locations:. Mr President, Fiji has taken remarkable steps to return to a democratic country. It is a diverse country;

gender, caste, location and ethnicity can have a strong impact on access to education, employment, security and representation.

After almost a hundred years, Fiji became an autonomous UK settlement in 1970.

After almost a hundred years, Fiji became an autonomous UK settlement in 1970. In 1987, democracy was broken up by two war putsches due to concerns about a regime ruled by the Hindu communion (descendants of workers under treaty introduced to the Isles by the Brits in the nineteenth century).

In 1990, the military coups and a 1990 treaty that established the indigenous Melanesians' rule over Fiji resulted in strong migration from India; the demographic decline caused financial problems but made the Melanesians the majorities. In 1999, free and fair parliamentary election resulted in a regime under the leadership of an Indo-Fijian, but a civil revolution in 2000 heralded a longer phase of civil unrest.

In the 2001 general election, Fiji received a democratic administration headed by Taoiseach Laisenia QARASE. In May 2006 re-elected, QARASE was displaced in December 2006 by a 2006 war putsch under the leadership of Commodore Voreqe BAINIMARAMA, who first named himself current chairman but became provisional premier in January 2007.

After years of unrest, long parliamentary ballots were conducted in September 2014, which were classified by internationally observed as "credible" and led to the re-election of BAINIMARAMA. improved: unimproved: improved: unimproved: unimproved: unimproved: name: "God Bless Fiji" Fiji, equipped with forestry, minerals and fishery ressources, is one of the most advanced and interconnected advanced developing economi.

Revenues from the tourist sector with an expected 842,884 visitors in 2017 and transfers from abroad are the country's biggest earner of forex. Fiji's restoration of democratic parliament and fruitful September 2014 election campaign helped improve investors' trust, but increased bureaucracy, new taxation and the absence of consultations with key interest groups led to a four-year drop in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index.

The Department of Town and Country Learning controls and regulates the appropriate use of Fiji's lands under the Town Learning Act (Cap. 139) and the Subdivision of Country Act (Cap.140).

The Department of Town and Country Learning controls and regulates the appropriate use of Fiji's lands under the Town Learning Act (Cap. 139) and the Subdivision of Country Act (Cap.140). The National Fire Authority - Founded under the National Fire Service Act, created in 1994 on 1/2/95. NFA's top priorities are to improve its service by purchasing new fire extinguishing tools, improving the firefighters' capabilities and setting up voluntary firefighters.

Offices: 2nd Flr, Fiji FA House, Gladstone Rd, Suva. Facsimile: The Ministry of Transports is specifically responsible for the administrative and political aspects of all forms of transportation. It is the Ministry's primary objective to "provide an integral transportation system that is secure, effective, affordable, available to all and ecologically sustainable".

The Land Transport Division (LTD) is primarily in charge of the review of the Land Transport Act and the National Road Safety Act and of the formulation of appropriate provisions to facilitate the effective implementation of the Land Transport Authority and the National Road Safety Council. It also advises the Minister on land transport policy issues.

The Fiji Islands Marine Safety Administration (FIMSA) The department is in charge of all marine affairs in the Fiji Islands water. They supervise and regulate inland navigation in these waterways in accordance with the provisions of the Marine Act 1986 and the supplementary provisions. This law is part of the agreements of the United Nations Marine Organisation (IMO) and includes a number of regulations.

It does this by providing navigation and assistance and navigation support to meet Fiji's commitment to respect its obligations under relevant agreements and the multilateral naval law. Recognising the interaction between seaborne transport and the overall economic system, these activities have an important share in the sustained growth of the city, island and coast industries with the aim of maximising the contributions of the various industries to the country's economic system and thus raising the standard of life of all Fiji's population.

The Department of Weather Forecast is in charge of Fiji and most other Pacific island states, broader ocean and cycle alert systems and flight forecast in the Nadi Flight Information Region (FIR). The RSMC also oversees the Fiji region's climatic conditions and provides information and guidance on the country's meteorology and climatic conditions, as it is a major meteorology unit among the Pacific island states, playing an increasingly important part in the region's meteorology and climatic issues, and houses the RSMC for Tropic Cyclones as part of the World Wide Watch (WWW) programm.

The Department of Commercial Regulatory and Inspection of Fiji is the Department of Commercial and Industrial Affairs of the Fiji State. It has the task of formulating policy for the development of increasingly successful and operational global airline operations, concluding an global airline treaty with other nations to encourage commerce and travel, developing and maintaining local passenger airfields, developing an operational next generations civilian aircraft structure and strengthening Fiji's commitments to the ICAO of which it is a member.

Standing Secretary for Construction and Transport: Paul Bayly office location: Transport: Location of the office: Suva, Fiji.

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