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Tokyo-based cruises | Tokyo-based cruises. The Meiji shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji, the father of modern Japan, in a dense forest clearing in the heart of Tokyo. Booking Tokyo Bay Dinner Cruise, Tokyo_Cruise online now. Tokio is not only a city, but a feeling. Yokohama is a modern, luxurious Yokohama cruise.

Tokyo- Top 10 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours (w/prices)

Experience the high points of Tokyo's vibrant life on this after-hours sight seeing trip, ideal if you have little to do. Take in the panorama view over the town from the 40..... Spend a day in Tokyo with supper and sight-seeing on a 2.5-hour cruise on Tokyo Bay. See top tourist sites like Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree....

On the Hakone sight-seeing cruise "Pirate Ship" and visiting Mount Fuji New Vent..... Spoil yourself with supper and the Oiran Show and take in the wonderful panorama views of Tokyo on the Tokyo Bay Cruise! Catch the Oiran Show..... Each of the eight Yakatabune fleets has observation platforms, so that our visitors can take advantage of the landscape with a 360-degree panorama look.....

Soak up Tokyo's nocturnal sky line while you drink and make new mates! This is a two-hour cruise across the Bay of Tokyo and involves an energy-efficient..... It is a map on a nice ship with a pleasant ambience and where you can admire the beautiful landscape at midnight. It is a luxury way to relax and take in the Japanese scenery, such as.....

It is a map on a nice ship with a pleasant ambience and where you can admire the beautiful landscape at midnight. It is a luxury way to relax and take in the Japanese countryside, such as..... The Yakatabune's eight fleets have observation platforms so our visitors can take in the landscape with a 360-degree sweep.

The Sumida River Cruise: Discover Tokyo Bay by boat!

Asakusa Sumida River Cruise HOME: Discover Tokyo Bay by boat! Odaiba HOME Sumida River Cruise: Discover Tokyo Bay by boat! Do you know that Tokyo is actually a town of waters? Its south-eastern part lies on Tokyo Bay, while the Sumida River has served as a gate to the ocean since antiquity.

It has always been an attraction for businesses and individuals, and even today you can still see many boats cruising on the Tokyo Creeks. These vessels include the so-called Japanese language waterside busses or sijo coaches. Not only do these coaches take you from one place to another, they also provide a breathtaking view of the Tokyo metropolis and in some cases even unparalleled dining experience - let's take a look at Tokyo's hip nautical coaches!

If one speaks of Tokyo's prestigious busses, one immediately remembers the name Tokyo Cruise. Asakusa' busses run along the Sumida River and connect it to the Hinode Pier in Hamamatsucho, Toyosu and Odaiba Kaihin Park. Tokyo Cruise's Tokyo Cruise Shipping Corporation was established 100 years ago.

At that time it was essentially known as the "Sumida River Steamship Company" and ran small cruise ships named Isenjoki, "one sens steamboats". The low-cost steamers were extremely appreciated by Tokyo's citizens as a comfortable and simple way to get around the city's most bustling areas. Today Tokyo Cruise has several different itineraries.

Sumida Line links Asakusa with Hinode Pier at the estuary of the Odaiba Line, Odaiba Line links Hinode Pier with Odaiba Kaihin Park and Tokyo Big Sight & Palette Town Line links Hinode Pier and two of Odaiba's two favourite spots: Tookokokyo Big Sight and Palette Town.

You can board the busses on these routes without booking in advance and since the ships leave very often, busses are the ideal way to experience the one-of-a-kind and relaxing tour of Tokyo between Asakusa and Odaiba. Sumida River Line also provides an audioguide for 300 Japanese quotes, available in English, Simplified Chinese Cyrillic and Canadian.

You can see some of Tokyo's most popular sights on the way, such as Tokyo Skytree(R) or the Rainbow Bridge - a new view of the Tokyo city! Tokyo Cruise's coaches include two truly original boats: the Himiko and the Hotaluna, created by the Yamato Leiji Matsumoto, the creators of the spaceship, Space Pirate Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999.

Himiko and Hotaluna sci-fi-esque are the icons of Tokyo's coaches. The Hikiko and Hotaluna vessels both have their own routes - the Himiko route links Asakusa with Odaiba Kaihin Park and Toyosu, while the Hotaluna route operates between Asakusa and Odaiba Kaihin Park, with a stopover at Hinode Pier.

In the Himiko vessels, guests can indulge in an indoor coffee shop with original treats and a cocktail, as well as an audioguide for the personalities of Leiji Matsumoto's famous Galaxy Express 999. ASAKAKUSA to Odaiba Kaihin Park: 10:00 am, 10:10 am, ?:05 am, ?:35 am, 1:15 pm, 1:25 pm, ?:40 am, ?:05 am, 3:15 pm, ?:40 am, ?:15 am.

m. In addition to the Tokyo Cruise waterbus services, another line is very much loved by local people and tourists: the Tokyo Mizube Line. One of the best things about this Waterbus line is the large number of entry possibilities. There are eighteen different places to board along the Sumida River, far up the river from Asakusa to Azusawa, Itabashi and to the prefecture boundary of Saitama.

The Arakawa River runs alongside the Sumida River, and the Tokyo Mizube Line vessels travel to the east end of Tokyo, to the Kasai Rinkai Park of Edogawa. There are three major routes to Tokyo Mizube Line. On the Asakusa Odaiba Cruise you can take a pleasant excursion between Asakusa and Odaiba at six different bus stations such as Azumaba, Ryogoku, Etchujima, St. Luke's Garden and Hamarikyu Gardens.

Asakusa Kasai Cruise will take you up the Sumida River from Ryogoku to Asakusa. From there, the Waterbus goes downriver again to Odaiba Kaihin Park and on to the Kasai Rinkai Park in eastern Tokyo, where you can enjoy rides like an fish tank and a Ferris wheels.

Odaiba Kasai Tour, which runs back and forth from Kasai Rinkai Park and Odaiba Kaihin Park and covers a very large area along the way. Asakusa Kasai Cruise and Odaiba Kasai Tour travel along the Tokyo Gate Bridge, which opened in 2012.

This 8-kilometer -long giant viaduct stretches across Tokyo Bay and is a wonderful view that can only be seen up- close with the Tokyo Mizube Line. Japan's first "On Demand" Waterbus Taxi - in Tokyo! In addition to the scenic Waterbuses, a new bus shuttle launched in 2015 now also provides Japan's first "on-demand" Tokyoater.

Shinagawa, Tsukiji, NIhonbashi and Asakusa are available on request. From the outside, too, the old-timer versions of the Wassertaxis are in no way behind them. There are three different Tokyo Waters Taxicab classes. First is the Taxicab Plan, which can be used for up to seven working nights and can be boarded and disembarked at seven different locations, such as the Tennozu Pier or the Kotototoi Bridge.

When you want to take the Wassertaxi, simply call your yacht by telephone or Internet like a normal cab - the telephone services are available in English, Simplified Chinese as well as Simplified Japanese. A detour is perfect, and individual cruises can also be undertaken. There is a third course, the scheduled flight between Tamachi and Tennozu Pier on Wednesday and Friday evening.

If you want to try Tokyo's one-of-a-kind Tokyo waters taxis without having to book a complete course, this is a great option! Run by the same firm that runs Tokyo Cruise, Urban Launch is a funky cruise ship that makes you think you're one of Tokyo's celebrity stars. The boat travels between Toyosu, Odaiba, Shibaura and other places and gives the possibility for humans to take their domestic animals and bikes on the boat (300 Japanese centimes each).

Town Launch has a lot of regular guests who use the Waterbus to go to Toyosu's big commercial centre, drive around Odaiba or take their dog for a stroll in Shibaura. There is also a charterservice available that allows you to climb the unusual cruise liner for your own event - why not give a birthday reception with all your buddies and have a whole new outlook on Tokyo?

Party Cruise Plan is a 2 hour cruise with meals and beverages for 12,000 Japanese Dollars per passenger. Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise, run by Sea Line Tokyo, is the last cruise on the cruise itinerary. These imposing vessels can be taken on the Hinode pier with a shipboard canteen.

Whilst this tour is different from the previously launched waterside buses, Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise earns a place on this prestigious itinerary as a wonderful way to experience the wonderful countryside of Tokyo Bay while enjoying delicious food in France and Italy. Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise is especially loved by foreign visitors because of this gastronomic experience and the luxury of the cruises.

Sinfony-Joko Bay Cruise has four different cruise schedules. Lunch Cruise starts at 11:50 a.m. and travels about 2 hrs 10 min to get back to Hinode Pier at 2:00 p.m. Punctually at 15:00 o'clock another boat starts to the Afternoon Cruise, which takes about 50 min, while the Sunset Cruise depart at 16:40 o'clock for about 2 h. The boat is ready to take off.

However, the high point of the outing is the Dinner Cruise at 7:00 pm, where you can savour the shimmering, glowing Tokyo Bay nightscape for a two and a halfh. Whilst the afternoon cruise offers the opportunity to taste a cup of coffee and cakes, the other three cruise itineraries feature genuine oral and written dishes by famous cooks, as well as a delicious snack bar.

Combining culinary delights with a stunning sea views of Tokyo Bay will make your journey to Tokyo angettable one.

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