Koro Sun

Karo Sun

and Rainforest Spa Fiji, Savusavu. Relax where the rainforest meets the reef at Koro Sun Resort and Fiji's rainforest! You can book the Koro Sun Resort with Expedia now and save! Testimonials from Koro Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa. The Koro Sun Resort has been brought to the point by our bona fide expert and has a lot to say about it.

Karo Sun Resort & Rainforest Spa

The natural play area, set in luxuriant rain forest on the outskirts of a breathtaking secluded lake, makes it ideally suited for the nosy traveller. The Koro Sun team hugs you like a whole hostess. Roomy offices and 2 and 3 bed room mansions are great for groups and groups. The Garden Boer The Garden Boer are set in luxuriant tropic garden.

The Boers are roomy with a covered double berth, wooden pieces of furnishings, equipped with a romantically styled rock-brush. Her office has a bricked-in patio in the background - ideal for pairs. Located along the course, the two bedroom swimming pools have two bedrooms with a queen and two single berths, a lounge and open plan fully equipped kitchen, a bath room with internal and external showers, a large shaded veranda overlooking the course and the rain forest and your own swimming pools.

They are ideal for a single person, a couple or two people. Every Boer has two king-size-bed and a small lounge. There is a shielded veranda with a view of the garden. 3-bedroomed villa - This roomy office is situated above the Lilienteich lake - a great complement to luxury homes for the whole family. 2 bedrooms are available.

Some of the villas are above water, in our family-friendly area of the water. Entering the two-storey mansion through a privately owned backyard with its own diving basin and sun deck. Partly above water with a wide view of the lake. Beautyful view of the sea from your room and front door.

The Edge Swimming Bathroom ( (3)) - Partly above the surface, this boer has a king-size berth and a large inner bath and an outside wash. An immersion basin, decks and ladders directly into the sea. Marina Aure 2-bedrooms (1) A two-storey mansion, partly above sea level, with a double berth in each of the bedrooms and a twin berth in the living room.

Incl. swimming basin and backyard. Breathtaking view of the Koro Sea from this sea backdrop and savour one of our typical Tropic style drinks along with the tempting flavours of our selection of sea food. The Koro Sun Resort has the following selection of weddings packages:

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