Alaska Cruise Advice

Allaska Cruise Advice

We have helped thousands of visitors plan their cruise holidays and have tried to answer the most common questions simply and honestly. Do not book excursions on the cruise ship. These are my top tips for planning a cruise to Alaska:. Since I've never taken a cruise before, I ask insiders for advice. When it' on yours, my advice is to take it to the top.

Alaskan Cruise Tips - Cruise Critics

Skagway is Gold Rush orientated, Petersburg mirrors its northern legacy, while Sitka connects indigenous peoples of Russia and Alaska. Crusaders are enjoying the story and the border atmosphere of the 47th state, but its fauna and landscape are the major features. Cetaceans, elks, bear, eagles, elk, seal and sea birds can be seen from your boat, in the harbour or on a landtrip.

When they book an Alaska cruise, travellers are likely to trade in a warm wetter home weeks for the chance of grey or rainy dates and cold high summer temps. However, this is not the case. But if you are willing to be agile and seize your opportunities, a trip to Alaska will not be disappointing. Alaska cruises run from the end of April to September, with high seasons usually from June to August.

The best opportunity for cruise ships to capture the northern lights and great end of seasons gift hunting. Alaska' s two largest cruise lines are Princess and Holland America, but almost every large cruise line has at least one vessel in Alaska every single sommer, which includes Celebrity, Carnival, Disney, Norwegian and Royale Caribbean.

In Alaska you can select from several essential routes. of Alaska: The Gulf of Alaska: The routes extend further northerly and have better accessibility to Anchorage, Alaska's largest town ( "the gate to many land-based cruises"), the harbours of the Kenai Peninsula and the local ice cap. Wannabe cruise ships sometimes erroneously believe that a Gulf of Alaska travel route does not provide the option of visiting the Inside Passage coves.

In the Gulf of Alaska, a cruise will probably also feature stations in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway as well as Sitka. The Netherlands America tour starts in Seattle, which actually moors in Anchorage, with the option of long outings inland. Cruises for expeditions: Cruise ships can choose a different type of cruise on the smaller cruise ships of the UnCruise Adventures, Lindblad Expeditions and more.

As a rule, these cruise services concentrate more on the natural and animal world than on the large harbours. These small vessels have the benefit of being able to sail to places the big guys can't - such as Alaska and Wrangell Narrows and other small bays that are too flat for the big vessels.

Vessels are so manoeuvrable that they can track water animals (within the statutory limits) when they are detected. Zodiac-raft, kayak and hikes are also used by many to get the passenger close to the glacier and living being. Are you looking for an exploratory cruise in Alaska? Ketchikan, Alaska: It is one of the rainsiest towns in the USA, Juneau, Alaska:

Kayaking, canoeing and hiking near the Mendenhall Glacier are available in Alaska's capitol. Skagway, Alaska: In the last half of the nineteenth centuary Skagway was established as the next harbour of arrival for tampers entering the Klondike in their quest for golden. Today a rail trip along the narrow-gauge White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad is a must for cruise ship travellers.

Go on a goldrush story hike in the city or visit the various stores for your own silver. Sitka, Alaska: The city of Sitka provides a truly outstanding culture crucible for the indigenous and Russians of Alaska. There are many remains of Alaska's legacy (St. Michael's Cathedral, the Bishop's Hall of Russia) and Tlingit (including a chancel and a garden full of totems).

A further attraction is the Alaska Raptor Center, a non-profit organization for the treatment of wounded raptors, especially US-raptors. An important part of any Alaska route is staged cruises. There are some vessels that take scientists aboard to tell the story. Find out more about Alaska Cruises. There is much to experience in Alaska only if you go on land before or after the cruise.

These one-sided golf routes are better suited for Alaska tours as they start or end in Alaska. Favourite places are the National Park National Park Nazionale (for animal watching), Talkeetna (best place for the view of Denali) and Fairbanks (Alaska pipeline). Canadian Yukon Territory, Anchorage and Kenai Peninsula are also available.

When you get into chopy water, it is more likely to be in the open Gulf of Alaska than in the largely sheltered section of the Inside Passage. Learn more about the roughest cruising spots in the world. The weather in Alaska is erratic. View our 10 must-pack items for an Alaska cruise.

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