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Location Fiji Islands

Resort & Marina, Fiji. living program The South Pacific Welfare Organisation works with and is a charitable organisation working with trafficked and trafficked people. It works with and susceptible to trafficked people. By directly supervising our campuses and our church programmes, we give survivors the liberty to leave the devastating circle of enforced love and allow a new beginning of hopes, liberty, dignity and living.

It is our primary objective to build a civilization of liberty where enforced sexual intercourse is not widespread in Fiji or the South Pacific. Home-of-Hope's passions are to build a civilization of liberty for woman and child and to stop the cycle of enforced sexual intercourse. We have a secure harbour and long-term accommodation in Suva, Fiji.

Throughout Fiji, we run community-based outdoor programmes dedicated to promoting empowerment of womens. It has influenced the care of several hundred girls. Every woman's history is the history of a transformed and reconstructed and hopeful world. By donating to Fiji Houses of Holiday, you are giving the Fijian wives and kids who are casualties of enforced sexual intercourse the present of trust.

They offer them a secure place to stay, health services, nutrition, education for independence and much more - so that their futures are not determined by the past. HOPE. Our volunteers' work is unbelievably invaluable in keeping Homes of Hope going so that we can keep supporting the weakest young girls in Fiji.

Fiji is situated in the southwestern Pacific, just north of New Zealand and eastern of Australia and consists of 333 islands, of which about 100 are populated. It is situated on the biggest of the islands Viti Levu, which covers an area of about 10,400 km2 and is home to 70% of the country's people.

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