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The official resources of Palau Tourism. Discover the waterfalls in Palau. Ngerulmud is the capital of Babeldaob Island and the second largest island in Palau after Koror Island. Pronunciation, Palau Island Synonyms, Palau Island Pronunciation, Palau Island Translation, English Dictionary Definition of Palau Island. The profile provides a snapshot of the energy landscape of Palau, an independent island state in the Micronesian region.

Palau only wants to see wealthy visitors.

For an excursion to the Pacific Ocean's beautiful Palau reef and rocky islets, you may want to add a few dollars. Palau's Chairman Tommy Remengesau has suggested a new bill that would make it very hard for travellers with a low income to register five-star accommodation on all the isles.

The Telegraph says Remengesau is pressing for a tourist policy of "quality not quantity". "It is a kind of win-win for Palau and the investor," Remengesau said early this months, as properties are being awarded by the federal authorities for taking the island's facilities with "the necessary fiscal relief and exemptions".

However, do people lose without lowbags? In the midst of increasing grievances in recent years, the President's suggestion comes about an overpowering flow of incoming Chinaans. In 2014 Palau had 141,000 spectators - 34 percent more than in 2013. According to The Straits Times, by February 2015 the number of land-based visits to China had risen by more than 500 percent to 10,955.

That' s more than half of Palau's overall populace. At 85 percent, the bulk of Palau's GNP is accounted for by the tourist industry, but according to some locomotives, the "damage" of the surge in visitor numbers proved expensiven. Tourist arrivals can result in the devastation of local corals, general overpopulation and disturbances to livelihood.

In view of increasing concerns, the Palau administration has halved the number of Chinese air charters in 2015. Accordingly, "the figures declined, while real tourism expenditure increased," Remengesau said. "Want to monitor or want to monitor growth?" he asked in 2015. Now it seems that the US Governor is happy with his choice to monitor the number of visitors to the island.

Currently there are only a few five-star hotels in Palau, many of which are on the densely populated island of Koror.

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