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Samoa Rugby Shirts and Clothing at Lovell Rugby. The Samoa Flag[Download Image Hi Res | Low Res]. Meli-fluous Samoan lull words, like manulele (bird) and suamalie (sweet), are the basis for this hypnotic lullaby of repeated and recombined pentatonic patterns. Samoan va'aalo was excellent for hunting the large shoals of fish that fed on the surface of the water. Samoa's "Happy People" have a strong and proud heritage reflected in their craftsmanship.

Exceptional Polynesian fashion in Hawaii and beyond

There' s still so many items that my astonishing staff and I are working on uploading them to the online store, so we apologise if what you're looking for isn't ready yet. You can also call us at any time via the Contacts page or just give us a call.

You are also welcome to visit our shop or our website. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and keep up to date with the latest Polish fashion news! If you are looking for nice, casual polynese clothing for ladies, then you are in the right place!

Stephansie M. Ging went to this store because of her contribution to Instagram, I wanted to personally convince myself of the nice clothingstyle. This is a lovely place. It' s a wonderful fabric, everything is of the highest standard, the store is neat and organised, and you don't find its produce in every store like in many other places in Hawaii.

A really nice shop and nice clothes and accessoires.

Store from Australia and ship to Samoa

Pricing will depend on the value of your item. This fee is usually due upon receipt of your parcel. This fee is not part of the Ausff mailing costs. Thanks to over 20 years of experience in the import and export trade, we know the best ways of delivering around the world.

Aussieff can ship to almost any place in Samoa, including: When can I be expecting my shipment in Samoa? The speed at which you want to get it will depend. It is our aim to process your parcel within 24 hrs after receipt and to keep it available for importation.

History of our company

The Eveni Carruthers brand, the trade name of I. H. Carruthers Ltd. with at least 89 years of experience in Samoa, has proven itself as a dependable Samoa based private equity firm with today's 4th GEN. group. Carruthers of Vailima founded I. H. Carruthers Ltd. in 1929 in Samoa as a chocolate and coppra-trader.

Carruthers was the progeny of Richard Irving Hetherington Carruthers, a Scot from Melbourne, who came to Samoa in the 1890s as a solicitor for Robert Louis Stevenson. I. H. Carruthers Trade Imperium was established by the integration of a net of trade centers throughout Samoa served by schooner companies between the islands.

In the 50s and early 70s, I.H. Carruthers had a trade post in virtually every Upolu, Manono and Savaii town when the business was a major exporter of chocolate and cobra. Alsoi Kids: clothing line for curious, energetic young people.

Eveni Kids clothes are a must for all kids because of the wide variety of colours and styles used on them. The Island Lifestyle label was created for our traditional resort wear for our visitors and holidaymakers who want to look like the people. Just like the sumptuous Pacific chocolate coffee-bean, Koko Pacific relies on high-quality, genuine contours with truly Polish motives and motives.

One of the high-performing traditions that has been developed in the Malaefono and Avao colonies continues to dictate the rigorous standard of Koko Pacifica product. Our aim is to create a line that represents the relaxing tempo of peaceful living, yet is still portable on the roads of N.Y. EveniSport: Evenis are warriors of the Far East.

Wearability, convenience and elegance stand for event sportswear. It is the warriors' instincts of sport enthusiasts that insist on the yardsticks of Everi Sport. We also have a complete assortment of brand-name clothing, shoes, gear and accessories in our sport shop. AlsoiSport is a retailer of many sport and healthcare labels. The Garlands Pacific: Garland's Pacific was influenced by Malcolm Carruthers, who from the 1970s to the early 90s set up a relatively high-profile furniture store in Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand.

Adaptations to Polynesian and Samoan fashion and designs comprise elegantly styled bed linen, lounges and duvets. Also EveniMetro offers telephone credits for Digicel and Bluesky, Tattslotto and the Samoa National Lotto. As the Samoan name of the firm's founding father, Irving, has become a well-loved name.

The" Eveni" label is our top-of-the-range uniform for Samoa, American Samoa and Tokelau. Today it runs a modern department store (7750 sqm) in Apia with stores in Faleolo Airport, Salelologa Savaii and a franchising business in American Samoa.

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