Feel good Books

Feel-good books

We have compiled a collection of books to help you. When you feel blue, this is a handy shaking guide. There is something else that these periods have in common: I have not read books. The world, the audience, the gallery, the bookshelf and feel free. Now that it is officially December, our thoughts have turned to those feel-good books that can warm the cockles, even when it is ice-cold outside.

There are 7 feel-good books that immediately enhance and inspire

When you ask me, there is no better moment to be pervaded with refreshing inspiration and more motivating than with the open skies that autumn brings in. So, if you're looking for a few feel-good books to put on the readers' lists this year, you're in luck. Well, you're in luck. Okay, not to sounds dramatically, but this ledger really made a difference in my world.

Erin Loechner, HGTV.com celebrity and "The Nicest Girl Online", leads us in this captivating guide through her voyage to venture off the well-trodden paths and get rid of the same old "grind". Whilst we immediately fallen in love with Elizabeth Gilbert after the beautiful Pray Flowers, there is a good chance that after reading Big Magic you will become even tougher for this best-selling writer.

This vivid, exalting volume shows her shared knowledge and singular view of the creative world, penetrating deeply into her own creative world. Showing us how to do what we like the most - even what we are most afraid of - Gilbert is encouraging us to be more attentive and passionate every toilbert.

Yes, this is certainly a must for anyone who wants to lead a more imaginative lifestyle. Ranging from the world-renowned Maya Angelou to Today show journalist Ann Curry, this volume is full of strong words of knowledge and a pocketbook I always have handy. When you long to cope with new lifestyles, this is what this is about.

Using the power of habit, Rubin gives us the real frame for a whole new life where we can be happy, strong and fulfilled. When you ask me, no other publication could come at a more necessary point in my life than DUBLERBAINT.

Let's just say it was a non-relinquishable work. She was packing her suitcases, travelling the globe - often alone - and falling in Love with the planets, of course.... and met many people. EVERYBODY SHOULD OWN THIS ONE! OK, sorry for the all-caps, but seriously, these careers of over 100 powerfulhouse females that make a splash in the creativity fellowship will fill you with a life of awe.

Grace Bonney (founder of Design*Sponge) has assembled an unbelievable gathering of opinion leaders, from digital and ceramic talents to tattooists and architecture, all of whom describe how they have hugged their own creativity, overcome adversities and followed their passion and dream. It would be a total overstatement to say that this is an inspiration!

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