Easter Island Explained

The Easter Island explained

Fun pictures about Earth Theory, tagged with Earth, Easter Island, stonehenge, theory posted in gags. The "suicide" of the Easter Islanders is declared. Isle as the hypotheses that explain the collapse of Easter Island society are still under discussion.

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Away from the mai

The majority of the population believe that the Rafa Nui generally want Chile an independent country and that everyone is behind the 2015 road blockade war. The majority of Cana Nui inhabitants and inhabitants of this island do not want to be independent of Chile. Rather, it is about more self-sufficiency, about the possibility of having access to regional regulations and legislation.

The majority of the population, even the Chilean population, agrees that this would be a necessary action on this small island with such a delicate patrimony of culture and archaeology as this one. Since this island belongs to Chile, the Chilean can move here today without restrictions. Although without a Rape Nui husband they would have to lease a home, as only Rape Nui can own property here.

There' s a small group of politicians named Rapida Nui Parliament with a few hundred members at work. Its primary objective is to become independent of Chile. The first response was to the fact that the Peruvian authorities postponed the handling of migration controls and to the fact that they acted as an act of general dissatisfaction with Chile' s arrogance and historic injustice to Mr Nui in the past.

There were many members of the fellowship who did not like this. There has been a dispute not only between the Rapa Nui Parliament and Chile, but also between the Rapa Nui Parliament with followers and the remainder of the island population. The dispute erupted on 15 August when the Rapa Nui Parliament tried to bill all visitors the $60 entrance fees previously levied by the CONAF Parks Authority.

The 29 August the Rapa Nui Parliament freed its members from the archeological and roadblocks and detained those who tried to collect an entrance tax. Officially, CONAF will only return on a temporary basis until such time as there is a better understanding by regional leaders and parishioners of what to do with the archeological site and who should be responsible for it.

You do not have a regular archeologist in your own archaeological department here, on an island that is quite simply about archeology. The majority of those involved are agreed that they are not the one who has the best competence in archeology, but that their responsibilities are restricted to the forest. There will be a public hearing on 25 October at which the EU can make suggestions and debate the way forward.

Although one may not be able to endorse the ideological position of the Parliament of Rafael Nui, this would certainly not have been possible without it. He' one of the few foreigner who has learned to talk fluently.

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