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Information about Easter Island

This information is for travellers living in the United Kingdom. USEFULL INFORMATION A paradisiac and mystical island, country of King Hotu Matua, it was found on Easter Sunday 1722 by the Dutchman Jacob Roggeween, who revealed to the rest of the earth an old and unfamiliar civilisation of Polynesia. The Easter Island's impressive rock tombstones make it one of the biggest open-air museum in the whole canyon. Enchanting for its shores, enchanting for its moai, priviledged for its natural beauty, Rafa Nui shows a civilisation struggling not to vanish and to reverse its centuries.

In 1995, organisations such as UNESCO designated Easter Island as a UNESCO site. EAST ISLAND - RAPA NUI / Country: South-Pacific / Chile / Oceans / Surface: 30,8 hab/km2 / It is the most isolated island in the whole wide globe, 3680 km from the coastline of Chile and 4050 km from Tahiti.

Things to do on the island: The GMT-4 is located in Santiago, Chile -2 hrs / electricity: 220 V. By air. LAN Airlines, which departs from Santiago de Chile International Airport Arturo Merino Benitez or Papeete, Tahiti, is the only carrier flying to Easter Island. Spanish and Spanish. There' are two of them: a bank and a bank:

The Banco Estado and Banco Estado are situated in the centre of Hanga Roa. Tapata Rape Nui:

Osterinsel-Marathon - Events

CURSE - This out and back course starts in the centre of Hanga Roa, the capital of the island, and leads through the centre of the island to Anakena Beach, where it turns around. At the beginning and at the end of the course, the track is usually regarded as shallow and on the medium kilometres rather undulating.

ENTRANCE TAX - The participation fees are contained in the packet rate. When you want to participate in another events (triathlon or cycling), each of the events costs an extra $250. A non-runner can subtract $100 from the bundle cost. There is no timeout at all.

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