Boat to great Barrier Island

A boat to the big barrier island

Departure from Wynyard Wharf, Auckland Central to Tryphena and Port Fitzroy. This is Auckland's harbour of the relentless waves of the Pacific Ocean that create a boating paradise. Took several days on Great Barrier Island in December and was delighted to discover that the Boat Club is open again, under new management. Tryphena's boat ramp is a flood ramp suitable for most low draught vessels. It'?

s a beautiful morning to take a ferry!

Boat Sailing Yachting Great Barrier Island

Ramps: We have wharfage in Tryphena, Okupu, Whangaparapara and Port FitzRoy and Tryphena Hall, Schooneray, Blinday. Following the great windstorm in June 2014, there are changes at the bottom of the ports around the island. Opening times and access to the island's amenities and amenities varies from the winters, springs, summers and autumns.

Alphabetically listed; Bowling Alley Bay - protection from SE to NW with some population. Kaiara Bay - Protected against SE, electric and non-ferrous wind and good grip on the muddy bottom. Protected from S to NE winches. On the north-east the winch is anchored on the north side.

At south wind mooring at Nimaru or Onewhero Bays. Kiwiiki (Two Island Bay) - Protected in all but N and NW wind and good grip on thick muddy ground. Good for all northern breezes and good grip on sandy ground. FitzRoy Port - Good hold in all winches except S and SW.

Pure Bay (Tryphena) - Good with N and NW wind. Approximate hold on sand muddy ground. Shangiwhakaea Bay - Good protection against S, SW and W wind. Well anchored in all but N and NW on a muddy ground. The Tryphena Bay - Good with N and NE wind.

SMKEHOUSE BATH - Best for W or SW-winches. mulberberry grove provides anchorages in wind from N, NE, I and S. A good grip on sand. It has a good anchoring place with all kinds of wind from the N. Good hold on solid Sandbott. Ghostay Wairahiay - The most southerly of Port FitzRoy and good with wind from all over.

A good grip on thick muddy ground. The whaling station has a good foothold on the muddy bottom. There are 3 berths at the Great Barrier Lodge. Wangapoua Beaches - Northern end of the shore for protection from W or NW wind.

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