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a Bdrm/1 bath right by the sea, bathroom remodeling, amazing outlooks! a Bdrm/1 bath right by the sea, bathroom remodeling, awesome outlooks! Stroll along the secluded River and see stunning moon rises and starlit skies and magnificent sundown. Near gulf, Lydgate Park, kayak on the Wailua River, Luaus, cycle tracks, swim and restaurant. Have a look at the air photograph, we are on the calm side of Wailua Bay Vue (#214), farthest from the city.

There are many walking routes to numerous cafes, baker' s, stores, kayaking and cycling hire stations and great sandy beach. It has also received 5-star ratings and has a great position between Ka'anapali and Kapulua. Me and my man were raised in Northern California and we like the sea! We bought another small paradise on Maui, a large seaside salon in Pohailani Maui in Kahana, in October 2015.

When you go to Hawaii, you must be by the sea! Site Type: Bergblick .... It is possible to go northwards along the shore to a childrens swimming pools and an old holy sanctuary (old haiwaiian temple). The Wailua bay is all about the bayside! Although you can bathe in Wailua, it is known for swell and riptids.

Beautiful sea & sea views from the Land. If we return to Kauai, we will definitely try to remain here again. It is also centrally located to all the places you want to walk - Lihue, Poipu, Koloa, Hanalei, Princeville, all are about 20 min. away by car. Views of the sea are unbeatable.

All in all a great place for a restful Hawaii holiday. While we were a little bit of a disappointment that there was no such thing as having a good entrance to the shore, we had a great run. Beautifully located outside Lihue, and a 10 minute ride from the international airports. Mahalon for the big one!!!!!!!

Near the Wailua River, with kayak and boating trips to the famous fern grotto. Walk the dormant Riesenberg, or just sit by the shore or by the swimming pools. For stays of more than 3 week an additional $150 will be charged.

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