Shiv Shakti Meaning

SHAKTI Meaning

What makes Shiv and Shakti indulge in tantric union? Siva is consciousness and Shakti is energy. They work together to create experience and to live our lives with love and meaning. Linga and Yoni's connection symbolizes the metaphysical truth that Shiva and Shakti are one and the same. Ultimately, the result is a hybrid, an association in which Shiva's shakti are also meanings of Shiva words.


Manifesting ourselves through the mother's car. All of the cosmos is manifested or born through the mother's car. Mothers are the tools to turn mind into material. Understanding that every shape is spiritual material means seeing that the maternal is at the origin in the material realm.

The father is behind the mother, or beyond the mother. He is amorphous, non-manifest, in which the mind does not exist with any concern. Understanding the relation between the mother and the father means dealing with the deepest mystic mystery, because the father is the father of the mother and the mother is the mother of the father.

To the mother in all her expressions is only the formlessness that takes shape. It' not a continuity between mind and material, between formlessness and shape, it is an entity. Layers where there are manifestation or manifestation of the Mother reach from the most subtle material, the fog, more subtle than thought and quicker than pure illumination, to the coarsest, most dense shapes found in the deepest parts of the world.

Knowing the mother means recognizing the full spectrum of events. Seeing it manifest itself in the thickest, sluggest shapes of rocks and minerals, and seeing in these thick shapes the subtle fog of the mind in its most subtle form. Because the quantum energies that make up all the shapes of the cosmos are the same.

All of them are mother's manifestation; they are all clean energies, or from another point of view, clean charity. Another way of looking at it, your mind. It is called Shakti; and the Father, who is an identitiy in the formlessness, is called Shiva.

Epiphany is the way to unite the two parts of this personality until the shape is no different from informal. An entity that is fused with this personality, that is unable to shape itself anywhere, neither here nor there, neither this nor that, should be realised this is the final unification of mother and father.

This unification consists of working with Shakti, the Mother, to direct and use energies in shape to transform and fuse this shape with the formlessness. Every person has a link to the shakti, the cosmos of shape. It is often described as Kund-alini, or the snake wrapped around the spinal column.

Because this tortuous force begins as the force that exists in a unique way, that we defined as ourselves, that rises the spinal column, the sushsumna, and goes through the chapras, vibrates with them, identifying and integrating with them, When the snake has ascended to become one of the seven shakti of the universes, it is eventually revealed with patterned energies throughout the entire universes, so that the person knows everything, for it is one with all of them.

There is nothing disguised by such a being, for the personality of such a being is no longer bounded by the physical or psychic separation, but is now one with the shakti of the universe. This is the state before the fusion in Sawasrara, the 7th Khakra, in which the shakti of the universe melts into Shiva, the shapeless.

The majority of humans have a very small number of shakti they work with. Shakti they get through their sight, smell, mouth, skins, thoughts, minds, what they are eating, through their affection. The shakti is bounded by the strength of the moulds in the head. When these forms give way, when the attachment to division decreases, one increasingly becomes identified with the shakti of the universe until they are one with the mother, one with the energizing, one with the powerful.

This is why such a deep cleansing and empowerment is necessary to follow the path of illumination, for one must be a container of the universe. We must, as we will all see, eat our mother.

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