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AA Big Book

AA, now better known as the Great Book. Anonymous Alcohol The Great Book (Softcover). The fourth edition of the Great Book. Alcoholics' Anonymous Great Book is not only the most influential self-help book ever published. Anonymous and rational recovery of alcoholics: readability of the "big book" vs.

the small book.

Alcoholics anonymously the biggest business failure of all times?

The 8th of June the book was to be auctioned off as one of the best-selling ever manuscripts. With a value of 2-3 million dollars, the Anonymous Alcoholic is titled, but it is better known as the Great Book and for nearly 80 years it has helped alcoholics in their fight to become and remain fast.

At the end of May, the Alcoholics Anonymous filed a lawsuit and claimed he was the lawful proprietor of the work. One thing you probably don't know about the great book is that it was playing an integral part in the biggest deal failures of all-times. Throughout 1937, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, co-founders of anonymous alcoholics, debated the publication of a book to increase alcoholist consciousness, increase their programme to combat the illness and win investor support for a profit-oriented detoxification centre network.

Bill W. and Dr. Bob, as they are called, have almost got the deal off the ground: Prospective sponsors were struck by the concept of an organisation dedicated to alcoholics, according to the time line on the A.A. website, "but after it was pointed out that the use of cash could ruin the cause of the move, the event reaped welcome excitement and ethical assistance, but no means.

It was Rockefeller who refused, but he donated $5,000 to help Bill W. and Dr. Bob in their effort to help other alcoholics. Also the first release of the Great Book in 1939 was a frustration. and Harper & Brothers asked to release the book. Instead Bill W. founded a firm, sells shares to fund the book and publishes it himself.

Unfortunately, the advertising and merchandising campaigns for the 5,000 copies of the first edition were a complete disaster and only a few copies were distributed. A. A. was operating with a shoelace until the early 1940s, but the efficacy of the 12-step programme described in the Great Book has been reported. The sale of the book increased and more and more persons founded and became members of the A.A. groups.

Today A.A. serves more than 2 million alcoholics in more than 180 nationalities. In addition, the 12-step programme outlined by Bill W. in the Big Book has benefited billions of individuals with a variety of other dependencies. "The Clutterers Anonymous is concerned with those who have trouble after school. Underearner's Anonymous provides assistance to those who are unable to care for their needs.

Families Anonymous offers assistance to relatives of addicts. "In 2011, the Great Book was recognized as one of the most authoritative English language book by Tim. The Library of Congress called it one of 88 titles that have left their mark on America in 2012. I would say that everything is a very powerful case for calling Alcoholics Anonymous the biggest miscarriage of anytime.

Perhaps your great deal is no deal at all.

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