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Lonely Planet Manu National Park

According to Lonely Planet Travel Magazine, Blanca, Colonial Arequipa and Manu National Park are the five biggest attractions for travellers in Peru. Find the best deals for LONELY Planet Pocket Venice Lonely Planet on eBay. Discover Germany with Inside Lonely Planet: This is Lonely Planet, Insight Guides Discovery Channel in the world. Might you book our Peru National Parks Tour?

National Park Manu

Recently my family and I went on an 8-day excursion to Manu National Park. Afterwards we took Bonanza Tours Peru from Cuzco and our leader was Ryse. It was not the least and the most costly, but Bonanza is definitely a first-rate company. It knows everything about herbs, wildlife and the jungles.

As we walked deeply into the jungles, through waters, muds, and at nights and at no point we didn't really felt sheltered. One of the resort's residents is located on their land in the middle of the jungles. In any case I strongly suggest to go to Manu and definitely Bonanza Tours Peru.

National Park Manu

Obviously brings insecticides, but the reality is that the mosquitos in Manu are not as serious as you might think - I can think of many, many places with them. Prepare to search for wild animals and start enjoying the whole adventure. I' ve seen folks on Amazon trips expecting a yaguar to wrestle anaconda around every turn in the stream.

Other Amazon travellers only seem to cross the "Amazon rainforest" and are constantly getting tired. One of the most varied natural areas on the world. Soak up the bird life, the insect life, the monkeys, the sound of the nights, the herbs. If you are lucky, you can also admire the larger creatures - caiman, otter, tapir.

The Manu National Park Tour

For 400 US$ a trip only leads you to the Manu culture area, these are the short tours (4 or 5 day, I think). I' ve done a Manu trip with Amazon Trails Peru - and it was great, but I've done a long trip and walked all the way to the great Aras sound spot and it was an unbelievable one.

Amazon Trails also offers close proximity. Booking a Manu cruise is probably not a good option, as the logistics on such a cruise are not easy..... Also, many agents only do Manu trips, but do not do the trips themselves..... I' ve been told about Manu Explorers, sorry.

If you want to see wild animals, you need a good guidebook, and to get to know and study more, you need an English-speaking guidebook, which is not always the case with discounters..... You can also go hiking on Amazon Trails, maybe you can get in touch with them and get a rebate if you reserve Manu and a hike with them - good luck! lukewarm!

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