Que es un Atolon

¿Que es un Atolon?

Herheretue o Hiri-oro es un atolón de las Tuamotu, en la Polinesia Francesa. It is a hotel in Cala Bona justo enfrente del mar. It is located in the bay of Cala Millor, an exceptional destination for a family holiday. This is the poster for the lecture in the Escuela Carne (Art and Creativity) on posters. It is one of the atolls that make up the Marshall Islands.


Herheretue o Hiri-oro[1] es un atoolón de las Tuamotu, en la Polinesia Francesa..... The Polynesian Society magazine: Name of the Paumotu Islands, by J.L. Young, P 264-268". www.jps.auckland.ac.nz. The 6th Consultado de abil de 2018. Chronology of explorations in the South Seas or the Pacific (en inglés) II.

The 6th Consultado de abil de 2018. The Wikimedia Commons al berga ana category multi-media with the name Hereheretue.

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A bikini regression::::: Bikini back | Atolón Bikini El Atoló.....

The bikini El bikini es un attention to detail 6 km of superficy. It is one of the atolls that make up the Marshall Islands. It' famous for the nuclear tests that took place on it. Before the nuclear tests, the indigenous population was relocated to Rongerik Atoll.

These experiments began in July 1946 and they were forced to eat only coconuts, bananas and fish. From 1946 to 1958, 23 atomic bombs were fired in the bikini atoll. On March 1, 1954, the codename Castle Bravo was the first test of a handy hydroblast. This was the biggest atomic blast ever caused by the United States and caused a major radiological pollution. 23 crew members of the Lucky Dragon 5 vessel were affected.

Subsequent scandals in Japan were huge, and in the end inspired the 1954 movie Godzilla, in which the 1954 US atomic test awakes and changes the beast, which then attack Japan before it is eventually defeated by Japan's resourcefulness. Micronesians, who had resettled about 200 people before the Second World War, had eaten seafood, crustaceans, bananas as well as coconut.

The vast majority of bikinis have been transferred to a unique Kili as part of their transient farm, but still stay and are compensated for their existence by the United States. The United States in 1968 made bikinis inhabitable and began to bring home a small group of bikinis as a test in the early 1970s.

The United States provided $150 million to compensate for the harm done by the bikini atomic tests, and it was not unusual for a woman to see defective pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth and harm to her offspring[6].

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