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Beach Bungalows and Beach Villas are ideally located. Localization of Bora Bora's guns I' m fascinated by the number of folks who want to see the guns& by their permanent frustration that they won't be able to find them if they use one of the guides. If you want to see the guns - 8 in all - you should note the following: There are four (4) guns with 4×4 (high clearance ), two others need an oblong but relatively flat path, while the two guns in Matira, which are located in the dense jungles high up in the mountains, are very hard to find and take a hard ascent.

Disadvantage - often unfamiliar to the visitor - is that the guns are on privately owned grounds & to get there, the permit of the landowners is necessary, so that most likely most trips will only lead to 4 guns. There is only one way to see 6 of the guns (except those of Matira): to organize a separate or independent trip, to ride a motorbike, bike or whatever between the places and then to walk to the guns.

As for the other two guns in Matira. First, do NOT believe in the latest travel guides or information published on the web - the only way to get to Hotel Matira is to get yourself misplaced or in trouble. Please see the following articel and then choose what help you need - you may need to rent a driver for the guns in Matira (or to take you to all the cannons).

After World War II the Americans bequeathed 8 guns - Navy 7-inch from 1907, each separately named & with a reach of about 9,500m: On the way up from Vaitape, about 150-200m behind the Farepiti Deepwater Dock, you will find a bigger power pylon, beside which there is an irregular path towards the slope, as pictured below:

At the top in the centre of the picture, where the street turns, is an old lacquered iron rod with which a loose cord. I' m not going to send a photograph from every entry point, but these hints are useful to verify that you are "on the right track" if you are looking for the entrance street to other gun locations like Point Tereia or even Point Taihi (Popoti) viewpoint, which the Americans used as a radars and viewpoint during the Thunderbolt.

For those of you who read this article, you may be interested in seeing this historic site, which offers spectacular vistas of Bora Bora. Then its an easy ascent to find 2 cannon squatted high on the hillside over point Pahua. The most fascinating area is the area where the guns are located, no less than Poo Poo Uri Roa.

This course provides a magnificent view over the Vaitape & Teavanui passes from a gun & over the Pearl Beach Resort & the Motorway that leads from the other to the airfield. Two guns, the first with a view of Motu Tapu & the Bora Bora mountain range, the second with a view of the Pearl Beach Resort on Motu Tevairoa (on the second picture a 4 year old who climbs up on feet without any problems & was enthusiastic about what he found):

Back to the highway, drive for a few miles past Faanui & its striking little village at the bottom of theulf. Drive a few more miles until you see the signs for the Pearl Beach Resort boat (you need to be careful not to miss it, ask the local people if you're worried) on the side of the lake.

At the mountain slope, approx. 20m further on, is the entrance path, easily recognizable by the raw top and the metallic bar, which carries a loose warp. It is a fairly simple 2-3 minutes walk to Point Tereia Kanonenplatz with magnificent view of the Pearl Beach Resort and near Mount Mtus.

The first gun is not in action - I will tell you where to find it later. Further on the islands major street, just before Point Taihi, there is a somewhat hard-to-find path to the Popoti Viewout (i.e. where you can see boats), the location of the American World War II observation and radars.

This viewpoint provides the best and most spectacular view of the Bora Bora isle. Since it is part of the US military story that those who are looking for the guns, it is definitely a good idea to put a notice here to help those who are interested to find the site. Stay open for an unpaved 4×4 street that turns right off the Hauptinselstraße and quickly climbs up the mountains.

It is located in a rather forested area on the west side of Taihi Point just before the point itself. Check with the local people in the area & ask if they own the street & if you don't care if you want to go up to the viewpoint - take several hrs of ascent and descent and several hrs more to take it all with you!

For more information & pictures see the Bora Bora tour review. Return to the Hauptstraße & the guns - the next two guns are at Point Fitiiu (Haamaire or Tuaihora) in the Anau area. In the background you see an occupied pink/red building & above it an unfinished building made of cements.

The well-kept and relatively easy path leading to the cannons is behind the concrete buildings, but you will need the consent of the very comfortable and accessible Tahite owner of the home to pass over their land to get to the path - find someone working on the concrete buildings or ask someone in the pink/red houses for permissions, and they will be only too happy to do so.

It is a pleasurable stroll that takes you right past the solid block of consolidated volcanic rock known as Hiro's finger (or another part of his anomaly to the more jocular guides): It overlooks the 5-star resorts and their surface bungalow, for which Bora Bora is renowned... You can continue to see the guns on a path that you can take along the peninsula:

Go down to the cannon to find one with a view of the Four Seasons Resort and the other Mt Otemanu: Both of the guns are located in Matira with a view of the Matira Beach Restuarant. These canons are hard to get to because you need the permits of the landowners you have to pass in order to use them.

They are also hiding in the dense jungles - a haven for bees - and the search for them demands accurate directions, so some are disoriented about how to trace their deeds. If you are really interested, it is strongly recommended that you make an appointment with a professional tour leader or consult this website for the latest information on how to get in touch and how to use it.

A simpler way to access the guns has recently been introduced - we can give you advice on how to do it. Those two guns at Matira: That takes me back to my initial remarks about the frustration of the "cannon seekers" that they couldn't find the guns with serious travel guides.

Once an internet publication was published stating that the " Matira guns " can be accessed via a road opposite the Matira Hotel. They don't have a single opportunity to find the guns from this non-existent entrance, let alone to cross a series of privately owned plots and meet their dogs&etc.

Guess that also tells why those who tell you that there are only seven guns have obviously never scaled to see them. I' ve already said that the gun barrelled one of the guns in Tereia was taken out. When you drive back to Vaitape from Matira, look out for the "Galerie Alain & Linda", which is about one kilometer behind "Bloody Mary's".

There is a gun tube behind the building directly opposite the balcony.

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