Best way to Fly to Kauai

The best way to fly to Kauai

Booking a flight to Kauai means booking a holiday in paradise. Are you unsure how to get the best price for airline tickets to Kauai? Finding cheap Business Class flights to and from Lihue, Kauai is best done by booking your flights to Lihue International Airport (LIH). Direct flight is still the best option if you can't wait to set foot on this island. There are also some of the best fares for flights between the islands to Kauai.

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Do you have a plane to Kauai? Are there any big carriers going directly to Kauai, or do I have to jump on the isle? Do you have a plane to Kauai? We fly from Vancouver, BC with Alaska and have to transfer in Seattle, but from Seattle we go directly to Kauai - no jumping on the isle. Do you have a plane to Kauai?

Off- or high season....Check airfares on the web through, this will include all airline companies and rates at the data of your trip also can tell you via airfares OR bus stations in general until you get to Kauai. Straight to Kauai? It should be possible to fly directly to Kaua`i - no jumping on the islands - but your MO trip can make a stopover.

Over the years we have always been flying directly from LAX to LIH......makes it really simple. The same applies to the return to the continent, I take the eyes from LIH to LAX directly. You' re coordinating your STL operations and you're not sure how this will all work..... hopefully it'll go well.

All I want is to make the whole trip and the whole trip as comfortable as possible. Straight to Kauai? Of course, non-stop goes from point A to point C without ending at point C. Directly means that you just don't switch, but it can make an uplift. Doesn't mean you're changing aircraft.

Straight to Kauai? I' ll fly directly to LIH sometimes SFO...which pays an $100 or so additional dollar. Straight to Kauai? When you fly to Honolulu, you have the highest payment for the flights between the islands. Straight to Kauai?

Arrival in Kauai | Frommer's

Whenever possible, fly directly to Kauai, saving you a 2-hour stay in Honolulu and another flight. We have no scheduled flight to Kauai. Honolulu is the only place you have to travel to comply with customs and immigration regulations if you are travelling directly from abroad. Take a flight from Honolulu to Lihue, Kauai.

Air carriers flying to Honolulu, Hawaii, from locations other than the US Continent are Air Canada (Tel. 800/776-3000; www.aircanada. ca); Air New Zealand (Tel. 0800/737-000 in Auckland, 64-3/379-5200 in Christchurch, 800/926-7255 in the USA; www.airnewzealand. com), which operates 40 weekly services between Auckland and Hawaii; Qantas (tel. 008/177-767 in Australia, 800/227-4500 in the USA; au), which operates a daily service between Sydney and Honolulu (plus extra 4 day weekly flights); Japan Air Lines (tel. 03/5489-1111 in Tokyo, 800/525-3663 in the USA; www.japanair.

com); All Nippon Airways (ANA; 03/5489-1212 in Tokyo, 800/235-9262 in the USA; com); China Airlines (02/715-1212 in Taipei, 800/227-5118 in the USA; www.china-airlines. com); Air Pacific, which serves Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific (800/227-4446; wwww. Korean Airlines (tel. 02/656-2000 in Seoul, 800/223-1155 on the US Eastline, 800/421-8200 on the US Westline, 800/438-5000 from Hawaii;; and Philippine Airlines (tel. 631/816-6691 in Manila, 800/435-9725 in the USA;

Airline companies from the US continental shelf that fly directly to Lihue, Kauai, are shown here. Airline Alaska (tel. 800-ALASKAAIR; operates directly from Oakland, California and Seattle. One of United Airlines' 800/225-5825; www.ual. com services to Kauai includes departures from Los Angeles every day. aeraplany ('800/433-7300; www.aa. com) is offering a non-stop non-stop day-trip from Los Angeles.

U.S. Airways (Tel. 800/428-4322; offers air lines from Phoenix to Lihue. One of Hawaii's biggest tour operators, Pleasant Holidays (tel. 800/742-9244;, operates non-stop services from Los Angeles and San Francisco every week with low fares and all-in-ones. You will be taken to Honolulu for a 30-minute trip to Kauai's Lihue Airport.

Arrival at the aerodrome -- Lihue is a few leagues from the city centre. As there is no local transport and no shuttles at the airports, you will either have to book a rental vehicle or a cab. Farm screening at airports - All luggage and travellers who leave Kauai must be checked by farm officers before they board.

If you are unsure about your award, call government agriculture officers (tel. 808/877-8757) before you leave for the exit area. With the Superferry vessel now bankrupt, the only way to get around most isles is by plane. Hawaiian Airlines (Tel. 800/367-5320, 808/245-1813 or 808/838-1555; www.hawaiianair. com); go!

A Mokulele ('888/IFLYGO2; www.iflygo. com); and Island Air ('800/388-1105; www.islandair. com), which provides a minimum hourly service to Lihue.

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