The director of the Patee House Museum is Gary Chilcote. You can use your Uber account to order a delivery from Patee Thai Restaurant in Melbourne. The Patee House Hotel, South Twelfth & Penn Streets, Saint Joseph, Buchanan County, MO; names of the participants: Look at the obituary for Wayne L. Patee.

Join us to love, share and commemorate Wayne L. Patee at this permanent online memorial.

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Patee House was constructed by John Patée as part of his Patee Town design around Hannibal and St. Joseph sta. The Union Army Provost Marshal's bureau was in Patee House during the American Civil Wars. The Patee Female College was run in the house from 1865-1868 after the Napoleonic-wars.

In 1875-1880, its place was taken by St. Joseph Female College, which was established in conjunction with the Baptist Church. Oscar Wilde, who gave a lecture in St. Joseph on April 18, 1882, also resided in the motel within two week of James' deaths. Later, the facility was refurbished for 80 years for the R.L. McDonald shirts and other lightweight industry applications.

It has been a US Historical and Transport Site since 1963. A 1892 Hannibal and St. Joseph railway engine and a 1877 railway station are on display inside the build.

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