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Vanuatu has recently been chosen as the luckiest place in the world and lives up to its name. Vanuatu has recently been chosen as the luckiest place in the world and lives up to its name. One of the most secure Pacific nations, it seeks to evolve and prosper while maintaining its cultures and customs. As you walk along the road of the capitol Port Vila, you will see the contrasts of westernisation with its contemporary architecture and fine dining between the old islands' old life of the natives, a flourishing square, nakamas and strings that sing in the alley. offers the best sunny spots and all-inclusive hotels. Vanuatu is sure to meet your needs and your needs, from a true off-grid adventure and contemporary conveniences to a luxurious five-star hotel. Vanuatu is Vanuatu's major industrial sector and the target of most cruise ships in the South of the world, whose travellers enjoy the truly lucky and kind travellers.

It' very recommendable for visitors to Vanuatu by cruise ship, with wonderful vistas of beautiful scenery, why not cruise on the Pacific Islands? Renew, unwind, enjoy and live the wonderful Vanuatu !

Isolated Vanuatu Adults only Retreat Resorts Accommodation - Ripples Vanuatu

On the Bay is a remote, privately owned, affordable health and beauty reserve near Port Vila on Efate Island, Vanuatu, that offers you a quiet getaway in a rural and relaxed environment. Ripple's remote Vanuatu "Adults Only" lodging is a 20 minutes ride from Port Vila - a Vanuatu resorts shop where you can enjoy chilling, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, relaxation, reading a textbook or simply hanging in a Hammock with a cold, invigorating beverage.

There are four large and cosy seaside cottages with stunning sea view and stunning sundowns, only for over-18 year-olds. It has a franchised eatery and a great seafood and laid-back menu with a view of the sea. Indulge in our swimming in our natural Laguna Oceans swimming pools, enjoying a cocktail at sundown and waking up surfing.

When you travel to Port Vila, Vanuatu for a brief stay and are looking for a relaxing, seaside retreat, you will find it in Ripples on theulf. When you need to relax for a few nights, Ripples is the place to be.

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