Arthurs Pass National Park

The Arthurs Pass National Park

The Arthur's Pass National Park is located in the heart of the Southern Alps Ka Tiritiri o te Moana. edititsection">[edit] The Arthur's Pass National Park is situated on the South Island of New Zealand and comprises 1,185 km of mostly hilly terrain[1]. Founded in 1929, it was the first national park on the South Island and the third in New Zealand. It leads through the Arthur's Pass Dorf and the eponymous Bergpass over the Southern Alps at an altitude of 920 meters above sealevel.

It is managed by the Department of Conservation and operates a depository, management and information center in the Arthur's Pass town. There are the following geographic characteristics of the park: Part of the South Island's major division, comprising the following mountain pass - Harman, Waimakariri Col, Arthur's self, Goat (on the Mingha-Deception Route), Tarahuna, Worsley, Minchin and Harper.

Waimakariri River spring, very near the Waimakariri Falls Hut. Countless affluents of the Waimakariri River, among them the rivers Bealey, Poulter, Hawdon, White, Crow and Anticrow. The Taramakau River has a number of affluents, among them the Otira, Deception and Otehake Rivers. This park is ideal for hiking, ski touring, hiking and hunt.

Arthur's Pass National Park has an unhappy record as one of the most treacherous national park in New Zealand. In the first three month of 2006 alone, two dead were strolling through the park. Although no formally based research has been undertaken, the tramp association and the ongoing Arthur's Pass association are given the impression that the combined effect of rugged mountain scenery and good access is helping to increase the high mortality and casualty rates.

There are some very demanding landscapes in the hills around Arthur's Pass. Sign-posted daily hikes in the park, all of which are easy to reach from the Arthur's Pass parking lots, lead to uphill stretches of around 1000 meters and extend over several long hikes far beyond the treeline. Often there are rocks and rocks and most of the streams that run down the mountain fall over falls at one place or another.

In addition, there are a number of more difficult itineraries within the park that demand a high degree of climbing skills and the use of rope and other outfitting. To put it briefly, the safe crossing of the site demands at least a modest amount of expertise, know-how and gear, as it is a real "back country".

Arthur's Pass National Park is also only a few hour's drive from Christchurch, the biggest town on New Zealand's South Island. The ease of entry for New Zealand travellers and the immediate accessibility of the hill paths from the villages (as opposed to many other parts of the Alps where travelling to the hills takes a whole tag or more of tramping over gentler terrains, which tends to discourage the less trained hitchhiker) seems to result in a greater number of unschooled people exceeding their ability and risking their lives.

People trapped above the timberline in poor visibility with inadequate clothes and/or nourishment are suffering from undercooling; people try an ascent that demands skills or gear they do not have, and often get trapped on a rocky outcrop or bluff, cannot return or move because of the slope of the ground, and often face the problem of poor visibility or undercooling;

People try an ascent that demands skills or gear they don't have, and try a maneuver that leads to a serious or deadly drop; people get themselves or confuse themselves, often due to changes in wheather, loose track, or try to take a short cut, and drop seriously or fatally.

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