American Samoa History

Samoa American History

He is a member of the history department of. was inaugurated when the first In- terior Department Field Audit in history was conducted within the Government of American Samoa. STORY American Samoa Community College (ASCC) was founded in 1970 to offer the inhabitants of American Samoa post-secondary educational facilities in the fields of fine arts, teachers' training, vocational training and general studies. The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science as well as certification programmes in various fields of academia and technology are offered by ASCII.

It is situated on the island of Tuzuila, the biggest of the seven Americas in the luxuriant valleys of the town of Mapusaga, nine leagues westward of PagoPago, the commercial centre of the country. Samoa is about 2,500 leagues to the south east of Hawaii and 1,800 leagues to the north-east of New Zealand. About three-quarters of the 76 sq. m. of American Samoa, it is home to 90% of its nearly 65,000 inhabitants.

Founded in July 1970 as part of the Ministry of Education of American Samoa. In the following year the college was relocated to the old Fia Iloa High School in Utulei. In September 1974, AdC relocated to a new, permanently open college when it took over the grounds of the former Mapusaga High School.

A scholarship from the U.S. Economic Development Administration of the AdC in 1979 allowed the completion of five new premises with advanced equipment for teaching natural sciences, health care, arts and vocational training, a coffee shop and a grammar school. A new, state-of-the-art archive was opened in 2003; a new lecture hall, administration office and two new teacher training rooms were added in 2008; all class rooms, scientific laboratories and computer rooms were refurbished in 2011 and equipped with funds from the American Reinvestment Recovery Act (ARRA); the ground-breaking ceremony for the Multi-Purpose Center was launched in 2013.

American Samoa Community College has the motto "Saili le Atamai" or "Search for knowledge". "Our trip drives us forward to accomplish our missions of providing top education programmes and service. To us, the American Samoa and the Pacific have an energetic influence on the evolution of education, society, culture, politics, economy, technology and ecology.

American Samoa Community College's Mission is to promote effective education through top education programmes and service that allow children to reach their education objectives and help America's society, culture, politics, economy, technology and environment. In order to fulfil this mandate, the college, as an open admission office that has been officially recognized by the United States, offers admission to Bachelors and Associates degree courses and certificates.

This program prepares all our current and prospective college graduates, even those who are undersupplied, challenging or non-traditional:

fa'aleaganu'u, fa'afaigamalo, fa'atam?o?iga, fa'atekonolosi, ma le si'osi'omaga o America Samoa. Sylafia o Samoa ma le Pasefika. After graduation from American Samoa Community College, all pupils should learn the abilities and prove their abilities: AdSCC alumni are respectful, attentive listeners, seeking clarity and appreciating the opinion of others. The alumni present information in various formats and medias.

AdSCC alumni organise and review information in writing, orally, visually and numerically. Alumni use the technique as an efficient instrument to collect and assess information from different angles. Alumni use the information in an ethical manner and respect the regulatory limitations on the use of disclosed, sensitive and protected information; Thinkers critical: AdSCC alumni deal with the discussion of concepts, topics and challenges using proven methods of research and analyses.

Alumni organise information in a logical way and consider alternative policies. AdSCC alumni are ready to join local and international comunities. AdSCC alumni act with dignity and take full accountability for their work. The alumni maintain a proffesional dialog and take part in study group. We are responsible for the following through the mission of our programmes and services:

The ASCC is committed to providing the highest level of service and program development focused on schoolchildren. ASCII stands for individuals and esteem for the individual and values of the world' s views and points of view that improve the way of being. ASCIIC fosters a solid network opportunity by providing efficient communications, partnership and expansion. It encompasses our rich historical legacy, our tradition, our languages and our practices and their effects on our educational and research activities.

It fosters the pursuit of education and provides opportunities for individual, moral and vocational development. From the introduction of public law 22-30, the College has taken a semi-independent leadership and created a framework that maximises involvement, recognises and values expert knowledge and promotes appropriate levels of competence. College government system defines the role of lecturers, specialists and managers, the president, administration and undergraduates.

It is the University Council which is in charge of the President's election, the definition of the policy and the supervision and administration of the University.

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