Yasawa Island Resort Fiji

Fiji Yasawa Island Resort

The Yasawa Island Resort is located in one of Fiji's most beautiful island groups. The Yasawa Island Resort & Spa offers an unsurpassed climate in which sunny days are almost always promised. Fiji, we thought, was similar, if not better? The Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands; Tropica Island Resort.

The Yasawa Island, Yasawa Island, Fiji.

Resort & Spa Yasawa Island

Hidden among unspoilt shores on the ever-dry Yasawa Islands, the Yasawa Island Resort provides an unrivalled environment in which almost always sunshine is guaranteed and the colourful shadings of the island tell a history that can only be appreciated personally. Featuring silken, unspoilt shores and stunning vistas from all corners of the resort, the resort includes all beach offices and the characteristic canteen.

Situated in an exquisite five-star adult haven, this is also open to the family for several week of the year. The Yasawa Island Resort was chosen as Trip Advisor Top Ten Luxury Fiji Resort for good reasons. Carefully crafted to mirror the beauty of Fijian Island, the beautifully crafted Fijian Islands offer luxury first-rate facilities and a view of the beach.

Beautifully designed with a reed roof and concealed between the palms, you will soon be overlooked. Every one is decorated with luxury appointments incl. a luxury royal assorted bed, secluded in the open air showers, calming hammocks, your very own private sea-side cabin with lounge chairs and more. Six Beachfront Bure Suites are beautifully arranged between the palms, which share only one partition and are ideally placed for your private space.

Contemporary in style and fitted with well-equipped furnishings, you will find all the conveniences and exquisite tropic benefits, as well as your own outside cabin and bath. A generous open-air layout allows visitors to see the sea directly from inside the brew. It has a king-size berth and is large enough to accommodate two additional twin berths if required.

For up to 3 adolescents or 2 adolescents and 2 kids during the Familyweeks. Please note: Yasawa Island Resort opens its gates to the public several times a year. Each of the 10 Deluxe Beachfront Bures is free-standing and offers split-level accommodation, eloquent for stunning indoor and outdoor vistas.

Roomier than the Beachfront B&B suites, with separated bedrooms that offer the possibility to sleep 3 singles without overcrowding. There is also the possibility to relax inside, as the Boer has a large lounge area with classy furnishings. For up to 3 adolescents or 2 adolescents and 3 kids.

Please note: Yasawa Island Resort opens its gates to the family several times a year. The Yasawa Island Resort provides a "unique" deluxe 2 bedroom beachfront bouer for groups or family. Like the name says, this generous office has two large rooms divided by a large shared area.

She also comes with a raised cockpit platform with stunning view. Please note: Yasawa Island Resort opens its gates to the family several times a year. Honeymoon Boer in Yasawa has deserved the name Lomalagi, the Feldian term for heaven. There' s only one Honeymoon Boer in Yasawa and she lies on her own abandoned blank sandy shore and has a skyline swimmingpool overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean.

It' the perfect honeymoon shrine, but roomy enough for the little ones during the week. That is Yasawa at her finest - total luxurious and secluded. For 2 or 2 adult and 3 child. Please note: Yasawa Island Resort opens its gates to the public several times a year.

Yasawa Island is lush and its chefs are always keen to offer extraordinarily delicious dishes with local products and shellfish from the area. Yasawa prices include all food and menu changes every menu according to the main ingredient of the time.

As the resort is in a secluded area, if you want something really unique, please let us know in advance so that the staff can fulfill all your wishes. Dine in the dining room at the campsite, in your own home, on the shore or anywhere else - the options are yours!

This characteristic Yasawa Island dining place is ideally located for dining with views of the swimming pools and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. We serve all our food here, with the possibility to order light food at the reception or in your practice. One of the main characters in the resort, Manasa has been there since the very first outing.

Lean back and let him indulge you in delicious tropic pleasures by the swimming pools or slurp one of your old favourites while enjoying the wonderful Fiji Islands sundown. Make memorable memories during a dinner on Yasawa Island. The resort has many remote locations for a romantic and starry dinner time.

Or you can select your own dream place that the personnel can turn into your own personal dinning room for the night. When you are looking for a personal lunch during the night, enjoy a delicious lunch and a glass of bubbly on one of the 10 secluded sands. Think of this as a one-of-a-kind event, as these are recently ranked 4th on Expedia's top ten beach shortlist.

It is such an important part of the Yasawa adventure that it includes a picnic on the shore and a cruise to your own personal seaside area. Think of Yasawa as your own water play area, with tonnes of water and water activity for all of your people.

Choose a kayak breakfast followed by a personal shore pick nick or take the dive course you've always wanted to try - Yasawa has taken care of you! At the Yasawa Island Family Weeks, kids can enjoy their day at the Kachi Kids Club, where the entertainment is designed for the island's youngest visitors.

Remember, there are 10 deserted and unspoilt sandy shores near Yasawa Island Resort. Our personnel will be happy to take you to your own personal sandy spot, where you can spend a few lessons every single working days. The Baravi SPA is the only real seaside resort in Fiji, just a few steps from the magnificent South Pacific.

The Baravi Group always uses high grade, international recognized ingredients and naturally occurring ingredients found on the island.

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