Great Barrier Island Airlines

The Great Barrier Island Airlines

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Great Barrier Island (GBZ) Claris.

Large Barrier Island

The Great Barrier Island is one of New Zealand's most beautiful tourist attractions. The Great Barrier Island is the biggest and most seaworthy of the Hauraki Golf Isles in the Auckland area. On the east coast of the Great Barrier Island lies the sea with high rocks and long whitewashed windsurfers; the west side of the island boasts low protected harbors and quiet coves.

Lush jungle, dramatically jagged skylines, hills and dales that stretch down to the Pacific and some of New Zealand's most beautiful shores form a truly spectacular and varied area. Over 60 percent of the island's 285 km2 are open to the general population, managed by the Department of Conservation.

The Great Barrier Island is a favourite spot for scuba divers, fishermen, surfers, kayakers, mountaineers, hikers and campers. The Tryphena is the biggest village on the island and is located on the east side of the island. There are many scenic, family-friendly shores where often the dolphin is seen near the coastline. Further colonies are Whangaparapara and Tryphena on the westside, Claris on the east side.

Every year the island hosts several activities, such as the exquisite Fitzroy Shell Festival, which is a celebration of the exquisite shells for which the area is famous. There is also the Kai2wharf, a cross-country running, running or cycling sport and the Great Barrier Gardens of the island.

The Barrier' has a somewhat "off the grid" feeling and can still provide all the amenities of contemporary living (if you know where to look). There' s high-speed in many parts of the island, with free Wi-Fi in the Claris library. They can also receive mobile phones in many areas like Tryphena, Medlands, Claris, Opuku and Port Fitzroy.

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