French Tropical Islands

The French Tropical Islands

These are the islands of France that include both the mainland of France and the French overseas islands. The islands with their thousand landscapes will enchant you! Wellcome to the islands of your dreams. Most tropical islands are suitable for those who are only looking for sun, sand and palm trees. Apartments Martinique French Tropical Islands.

Re-union Iceland: French tropical island

The Piton de la Fournaise, an invigorating and regularly waking vulcano, gives you the chance to safely see the splendour of the caves. Languages, currencies, traffic regulations (and police): everything is 100% French and if you have taken a plane from the capital, you do not even need your pass (identity document is sufficient).

How a delight to run and soak up the heat of the day! Remember that you should rent a vehicle to discover the islands and experience everything it has to provide for a beautiful and full vacation. Once you have found your accommodation in Reunion, lean back on your patio and unwind with the sounds of the sea.

If you are asking yourself what you would do on Reunion we have some tips for you. On our way home we agreed to take a little sightseeing trip around the islands by chopper just to find good places. This is really magical: the Isle of Reunion is a vulcanic isle, which is very hilly in the centre: it rises very fast and you can change from a height of more than 800m.

Of course, Réunion is the ideal place to do sport or just have a good time in the sun shine (at least on the west coast): walking, scuba-dive, para-gliding, boat trips, windsurfing, boat trips, visits to the islands, tastings, beach and relaxing, the schedule is long and you should take full use of this beautiful area!

Of course a visit to the vulcano is a must in Reunion, because it is one of the few still alive volcanos in the whole wide open space and it is not at all hazardous: if it is flowing towards the shore while erupting, there is enough free space to escape all people. Piton de la Fournaise has in recent years produced large streams of water in the south-east of the isle.

That has certainly helped to reduce the size of the area. Réunion is a wonderful archipelago that unites the beauties and pleasures of tropical seas and vulcanic hills. Throughout the year the weather on the islands is hot and sun. Being a French department abroad allows the local people to profit both from a tropical setting while they speak their mother tongue and from similar currencies, facilities and facilities (including healthcare ) that you are used to in your state.

Situated near Madagascar, Mauritius and South Africa, Rebunion can be a good basis for exploration of the state. Anyway, if you are looking for an archipelago that combines sub-lime landscapes and fauna with what you are used to in France, and for many sporting pursuits, while you have a timing that won't rip your mind, Rebunion should tempt you and let you come back with its incomparable enchant.

A contrasting isle, the French département of Réunion is still unfamiliar to many people. There are ten things you should not miss during your stay on the Isle of Reunion: - enjoying the splendour of the three carnivals; - take some height to admire the panorama of the Isle; - be proactive, the Isle of reunion is just awaiting you to be discovered on feet, by bike or by cars.

  • Discover an energetic volcano: a trip to the Piton de la Fournaise is as necessary as a trip along the Grand-Brûlé trail to see the caves. - Don't miss the different fairs on the islands.
  • Unwind on the island's most favourite beaches: - Put on your diving equipment to discover colourful fishing and wonderful mats. - Don't overlook the enjoyment! We wish you a lot of pleasure on the Reunion Islands!

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